Small Easy Steps Towards A Holistic Lifestyle

A holistic lifestyle is one where you’ve chosen to do all that you do with intention. To know that every decision you make can affect more than just one area of your life. I know it may seem confusing, or expensive, or straight up difficult but the beauty in a holistic lifestyle is that it goes hand in hand with…

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Daughter’s Rising – Empowering At-Risk Girls

At the beginning of 2017 I shared some deeply personal thoughts I was having. Thoughts about a need to do more, to be more, to share and to inspire. The idea of having this influence and not doing everything I possibly can to spread light and goodness was too much for me. How could I NOT do that?! So, after…

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Meditation Helps Me To Be A Better Parent – Here’s How!

It’s no secret that meditation reduces stress and clears the mind, I firmly believe everyone should be meditating at least a couple times a week. And I mean everyone. And yes, I am looking at you moms. Moms are probably one of the top categories of people who need meditation most. We give and give and all too often I’ll…

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Natural Birth Control? ((Daysy Update & Commonly Asked Questions))

*This post was sponsored by Daysy USA, all opinions below are authentic. Let’s put those big girl panties back on today, we will be chatting about birth control and briefly, sex. A couple months back I wrote about my new relationship with Daysy and why I was so infatuated with her. And as promised, I am back to share how…

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Minimizing New Year Resolutions (w. Free Coaching Session)

Okay, maybe this is a little late to the game but I’m sure many of you haven’t gotten around to making resolutions or if you have, you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed by them. So maybe I couldn’t post this until now for a reason! New Year Resolutions are a funny thing. The transition from December to January could truly…

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How To Make A BIG Adventure Out Of A Quick Getaway

If you follow along on social media you may have seen a couple highlights from this past weekend’s girls roadtrip. My mom, sister, Tahlya & I drove from Salt Lake to Saint George and then to LA. We weren’t gone for long, and we didn’t go too far, but we had a great time!   I think many of us…

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The Real, Raw & Ugly – 10 Blogging Truths

It took 15 months but in December I hit a huge milestone on my favorite platform, Instagram. 10,000 followers! Right before signing off for the year I got to celebrate and I have been looking forward to celebrating here too! A giveaway with some awesome shops is up on Instagram tonight so be sure to head over and enter after you read.…

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The Modern ((And Amazing)) Alternative To Christmas Cards

We never got around to Christmas cards this year, I tell Luis it’s because we have no friends to send them too *cue laughs*. But hey, we did something even better! Mid December I met up with the cutest and sweetest videographer in Utah! Devinee filmed my little family having fun at the gorgeous Peterson Family Farm (I’ll probably never get…

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