2017 Travel Forecast – Why I Prioritize Traveling

At some point last year I made a realization – my need for a constant change of surroundings & my pure love of experiencing new places is not a bad thing. I have a “free spirit” as my therapist says & with that I decided that 2017 would finally be the year I truly spent exploring. Marriage, motherhood, home ownership…

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Winter To Spring – 6 Looks Using 10 Pieces With PinkBlush

*Thank you to PinkBlush for providing pieces for this look book. All opinions remain my own.   I am lucky(?) enough to live somewhere where we experience all four seasons and we experience them hardcore. Utah likes to play with its residents, making you think it will be a wintery day in the morning and leaving you blazing hot by the…

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Daughter Rising – The Women Who Make It Run

About a month ago I introduced the first of many organizations I hope to spotlight on this little space of the internet – Daughter’s Rising. In case you missed my first post, Daughter’s Rising was founded in 2011 by Alexa Bay after she met a girl being trafficked in Chiang Mai. That began the journey to her moving into rural…

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International Women’s Day – “We Are Proud To Be Women Because…”

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! (let’s be honest, everyday should be women’s day, we are goddesses). Call me crazy, but being a woman hasn’t always been easy, and I sure as hell know I haven’t faced the end of my hardships, but womanhood is something to celebrate, to be proud of & a common denominator that should bring us together.…

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I Was A Teen Mom & Am A Better Person Because Of It

At the age of 17 I became a mother. It was scary & exciting all at once. I had no idea what I was going into, I had just graduated high school, probably like most moms I didn’t have any time to really sit down an think about what I wanted motherhood to look like. I was busy doubling up…

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Small Easy Steps Towards A Holistic Lifestyle

A holistic lifestyle is one where you’ve chosen to do all that you do with intention. To know that every decision you make can affect more than just one area of your life. I know it may seem confusing, or expensive, or straight up difficult but the beauty in a holistic lifestyle is that it goes hand in hand with…

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Daughter’s Rising – Empowering At-Risk Girls

At the beginning of 2017 I shared some deeply personal thoughts I was having. Thoughts about a need to do more, to be more, to share and to inspire. The idea of having this influence and not doing everything I possibly can to spread light and goodness was too much for me. How could I NOT do that?! So, after…

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Meditation Helps Me To Be A Better Parent – Here’s How!

It’s no secret that meditation reduces stress and clears the mind, I firmly believe everyone should be meditating at least a couple times a week. And I mean everyone. And yes, I am looking at you moms. Moms are probably one of the top categories of people who need meditation most. We give and give and all too often I’ll…

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