Like Mother, Like Daughter.

My mom and I got a couple cute pictures today so I decided to post them along with a few thoughts I would like to share about her.

She is the most beautiful woman I know. Her exterior (at age ??), could not be more gorgeous and her soul shines so bright.
My mom wanted nothing more in life than to become a mother. If she had married younger, she always tells my sister and I, we would have had many more siblings (for that, I am grateful she didn’t meet my dad *again* until later in life).
She was a stay at home mom up until I was in junior high and for that I am grateful. My entire childhood is filled with memories of her. She was around for absolutely anything I could have needed her for. She put our needs above her own, likely more times than I am even aware of.
We butt heads countless times throughout junior high and high school. I was truly a pain in the ass. I look back and cannot believe she put up with me so lovingly.
After I became pregnant, our bond seemed to grow close once again. I found myself finally realizing what she was trying to teach me for my entire life, that family is forever. I realized that I would have these people around forever and that it would just be silly to treat them badly.
We began spending more time together and I began to confide in her in a way that I never had before. She became my best friend.
After the birth of my daughter, our bond grew closer still. I discovered a sense of respect for the mother she has been after seeing how hard it can be. In the first weeks after Tahlya’s birth, I often would find myself overwhelmed and unsure if I was doing anything right. My mom was always there, but never over stepping her boundaries.
Our relationship has matured and expanded. We find ourselves talking about the past, present, and future, as though we are equals and long-time friends. We can have lunch together and discuss our days. (we actually work in the same building as each other!) I also know that I can still come to my mom, as her little girl, for comfort and hugs.
The best job my mom does is being a yaya (greek for “grandma”). She takes this job with so much respect and love. Tahlya could not possibly be surrounded by more love from both my family and Luis’s. While it is almost impossible to leave Tahlya some days for work or school, I take so much comfort in knowing she is always in great hands. I have seen a new side of my mom as she has become a yaya. Tahlya has seemed to make her younger and bring out a burst of energy I did not know was there. My mom seems to be at her best and most happy points when she is spending time with my little and that truly warms my heart.
As I think about the future I want for Tahlya, and the type of mother I want to be, I can only hope that I will be able to fill my mom’s shoes. They are simply the best I could possibly fill.
I love you mom.
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This gorgeous woman is my personal definition of “beauty from the inside out.”
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