A Little R&R- Bioxidea Face Mask Review

Bioxidea was kind enough to send me some samples to try out and I am super excited to share my thoughts on one of the products.

First of all, I was thinking I would get one face mask to try out. Oh how I was wrong!

I received-

Eye & Lip Anti Wrinkle Serum 

Foot Mask

Diamond Face Mask

Gold Face Mask


I am going to share my experience with the Gold Face Mask but first let me tell you a little about this company!

They were founded in Paris, which already makes them pretty cool.

Their masks are organic.

All material + packaging are recyclable.

Are you in love yet?!

I can tell you that I was, so of course I agreed to try out their product!

Let’s continue with my thoughts on the mask!


All the pictures I took are before it set so it was still slipping around. I really should have just waited a few minutes before bringing my camera out. Oops! At least I still have the diamond face mask to try!IMG_6720[1]

T was not exactly happy with me at first. But I promise, things got better!


I am not someone who would normally use face masks, take baths, and basically pamper myself. I really should though because this was awesome! Did I mention that the liquid from the masks are meant to then be put in a bath? I can tell that I sure am missing out by not doing that. Definitely not a mistake I will make again.

Last, it made my skin feel amazing! I even felt confident enough to take some makeup-less selfies. Also, my cute husband kept telling me how beautiful I looked, I mean, he does that all the time but still.IMG_6627[1]

To sum it up here is a quick pros + cons list:


very delicate material

slippery when taken out of package, hard to keep in place at first




smells delightful

perfect size + shape for my face

after a few minutes it set and did not slide around anymore

my skin was SO soft after


Bioxidea is definitely not the face mask you impulse buy at Walmart. These are high quality and with that comes a high price. However, if I wanted to buy someone a nice gift or even spoil myself a little, *gasp!* this mask would TOTALLY be the way to go. I honestly cannot wait to try out the rest of the products they sent me. I know I won’t be disappointed.


What do you think?

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