Style, Marriage, & Motherhood becomes Me + My Little!

I am extremely excited about this! When I first started blogging a couple months ago, Style, Marriage, & Motherhood seemed like a great name. It will always hold a spot in my heart but I needed to change it asap.

I quickly realized that it was much too long of a name and after getting into the routine of blogging I realized that motherhood and lifestyle are what I enjoy writing about the most. (As much as I love my husband he would rather I wrote about our little one than him but no worries, you will still hear about him!)

I brainstormed with a few people and the idea of me and my little stuck in my head. I let it simmer on my lips and in my head for a week or so and decided that it would be perfect!

I hope you all love it as much as I do, welcome to Me + My Little!


What do you think?