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Craft- Zakiyah Candles

*I was sent free items to review for this post, however, all opinions are my own.


Oh boy are you in for a treat today. As I mentioned on Friday, I have recently discovered soy based candles. A little recap on how I ended up here- As a child my mom was always burning candles in the house. She even sold them! So I was raised to learn this love of candles. A couple years ago I went through this phase (oh man I went through plenty of awful phases), where I decided that candles were a fire hazard and that I shouldn’t burn them. Silly me! Fast forward to a little less than a year ago I decided to go back to candles. I should have known I couldn’t stay away forever, candles are a wonderful thing. Shortly after though, I learned how dangerous your traditional candle is. Paraffin candles release toxic, hazardous, chemicals into the air when you burn them! I was so upset to learn that, I couldn’t bare the idea of burning them with little T around but I didn’t want to stop. I looked into alternatives and discovered soy based candles. A more natural and non-hazardous way to enjoy your favorite scents. They burn cleaner and longer!

Like normal candles, these babies seemed to come at quite a high price. I swear it must have been fate because just days after learning of soy based candles, Zakiyah Candles reached out to me. I hopped right on that boat!

Zakiyah Candles is a small company run by a mama who hand-makes her candles with 100% natural soy wax along with high quality oils. She has quite the array of scents and the quality of these candles and the containers they come in just amazes me. Did I mention that they are extremely affordable?

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Zakiyah, Give us a little background, what stemmed your love of candles?
I love having a nice smelling home. When I was small, I watched my mom make all types of candles and bath & body products. I helped her out with the candles a few times, but I watched her most of the time. I think that’s where it started.
What got you into the candle making business? And why soy based?
I always knew that I wanted to start my own business after seeing my mom run hers. I didn’t fully move forward with it until my husband and I started family planning during my final year of college. I wanted to “feel like I was doing something” while we waited for our child to arrive. That “something” also needed to be something that I can enjoy after our child was born since I was going to be a Stay At Home Mom. Candles were the first thing that came to mind, so I got some tips from my mom and did lots of research on current trends, ect. After doing research, I decided to stick with soy wax because I wanted to pick the safest way to enjoy what I love and share it with others.
How long have you been making candles?
I’ve been making candles on my own since January 2014. It was a very different feeling since I was used to watching my mom make them and occasionally assisting her.
I have been dying to know this, how did you learn to make soy based candles?!
I learned a lot from watching my mom make candles. When I started on my own, I took a different path, so I had to do a lot of experimenting for myself. Even though I really enjoy the appearance and smells of candles from many companies, I wanted to strictly stick to soy wax.
You have some wonderful scents available, some I’ve never heard of! Where do you find your inspiration for scents?
My scents are curated from smells that I love and feedback/suggestions. I also do market research to see which scent(s) everyone is talking about.
Where can we find you on social media?
facebook- Zakiyah Candles
pinterest- Zakiyah Candles
How do I feel about her candles?! LOVE THEM. I have been rotating between apple spice, clean cotton, lemon lavender, pomegranate, and lemongrass EVERY MORNING. I do not have any complainants about any of these five scents. In fact, I most definitely would suggest these scents to anyone. (although I am dying to try yellow cake and china rain)
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Now for all you candle enthusiasts out there! Let’s be honest, we should all be candle enthusiasts. There is just something so calming about that flickering flame and refreshing scent. Zakiyah has given me a code to share with you all. Use code “M+ML” to get a FREE medium candle with your purchase!
What is YOUR favorite scent? Do you see it on her site? If not, suggest it below!
p.s. The past month I have slowly been transitioning my blog into what I have envisioned for it but I’ve decided to take the next week or so off to get it all done. Follow me on insta and like my FB page to stay in the loop of when I’m back. It will be epic!



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  1. I love reading your candle journey! I’m really happy that I found you 🙂 Thank you again for sharing my story! Enjoy your break & I’ll see you on IG & FB 🙂

  2. and you just blew my mind about these! I didn’t know that caldes are actually bad. I will definitely check her soy candles and oprobably order some! Thanks for your post! Have a great week 🙂

    1. RIGHT?! It’s basically kept on the down low and it shouldn’t be! Yay be sure to use my code, there is no minimum purchase! Let me know what scent(s) you get 😉

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