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Learning To Transform Insecurities

“I wish I could pull that off.”

How many times have you said or thought that? Even one time is one too many!

I had a girl today come up to me and say that she wishes she could pull off my outfit. I wanted to give her a hug! Girlfriend, of course you can pull it off! There is only one thing that will ever stop you from “pulling something off” whether it be an outfit, haircut, makeup, etc. and that is your confidence. Confidence is the hottest thing you can wear and there is not one thing you cannot pull off when you bring confidence along.

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People are really good at subconsciously sniffing out where you are lacking confidence and that is when they attack. If you are wearing something that you feel terrified you can’t pull off, more than likely you will receive a negative comment. The aura around you is negative and people will sense something is not right, they will immediately attack your physical appearance.

How do you cut yourself off from that negativity? It can be as easy a couple steps and I will get to them in just a moment.

We so easily get into routines. Our brains only know what we teach them to think. It is impossible to change your way of thinking without replacing it with something else. I read this theory in a book once. It uses the metaphor that if you had an apartment with beaten down furniture and you decide to get rid of it, you certainly can! It is what happens after that really matters. You will head back up to that empty apartment and when dinner comes around, you need somewhere to eat. So you head back outside and find that old dinner table and chair, and haul it back up. After dinner you want to relax and watch tv, so you go back outside and head back up with your old tv and moth-eaten sofa. This continues to happen until you have all of your old furniture (habits/ways of thinking) back in your apartment (mind). HOWEVER, if you immediately go pick up new furniture for your apartment, you will not be tempted to go back to your old stuff. Are you catching my drift?

As simply put as possible, here are the five steps learning how to transform your insecurities into confidence.

  1. Realize why you are feeling uncomfortable. 99.9% of the time it is because of a lack of confidence.
  2. Consciously throw out those negative thoughts.
  3. Be extremely conscious about what you replace them with. You are rerouting your brain in a way. List them out, speak them into a recorder and play those affirmations daily if needed.
  4. Replace those negative thoughts with your positive ones. You will slip up, but remember to immediately rephrase that thought or sentence.
  5. Be consistent. There are no “off days” for your brain. You must be alert 24/7 to the thoughts running in and out of your brain.

In a sense, our brains can only do so much. It needs your conscious approval to go forward with something in most cases. If you reroute your thinking you can change your perspective on nearly anything.

I bring this up in something as simple as physical appearance because it is important! There is nothing vain about wanting to look and feel good. This will help you grow as a person. However, this tactic can be used for nearly any instance or experience in your life.

I challenge you to wear your confidence and learn to reroute your negative thinking. This will make you more powerful than you could ever imagine!



7 thoughts on “Learning To Transform Insecurities

  1. Everything in this post was right on! I find myself lacking physical confidence at times and it frustrates me! Thanks for the tips bc they’re well needed around here!

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