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Craft- Millennial Handmades


This wonderful shop I am featuring today has a special place in my heart. The toys Millennial Handmades creates are so unique, timeless, and wonderful. We first met around Christmastime, she sent Tahlya a beautiful mermaid doll.


From there, we were hooked. Our collection grew quickly. Next we added a sweet doll to the family.


The quality here amazes me. I mean, check out those boots. Plus those tribal pants are something to make anyone jealous! Her and the mermaid became quick friends.

Next up came our RAWR. A little background first, miss Tahlya loves her some Peppa Pig. She repeats “Peppa? Peppa? Peppa?” over and over again until her wish to watch is granted. Even more than Peppa, she loves her little brother George and his Dinosaur. She must connect with him, them both being babies/toddlers and whatnot. Anyhow, everytime George would show off his dinosaur Tahlya said “RAWR” with him. Hence, our third piece added to the collection.


I kid you not, the moment we opened her pink dinosaur package she yelled “RAWR” and gave it a big hug. I don’t like to play favorites but Tahlya doesn’t mind doing so, this little guy is certainly her favorite. He is toted around just about everywhere!

To complete our little family we have dino #2. Cute little guy he is. The tryceratops was always my favorite dino so he has a special place in my heart. Plus, I mean, he’s purple!!


Every single time I look at a piece from our collection that little bug inside me to create something itches. Except, I can’t crochet, or really do anything too crafty, so instead I plan to continue growing our Millennial Handmades family.


I was stoked when she agreed to let me feature her on Me + My Little so we could all get to know her story better.

Hi Emily! Tell us about yourself!
Hey! My name is Emily Hammond and I am the maker behind Millennial Handmades. I’m 24 and a full-time nanny. I love kids and creating one-of-a-kind dolls and other stuffed animals for them.

What began your journey into crocheting?
I grew up watching my mom crocheting. She would always work on a little piece of blanket at night. I was totally captivated by the idea that a finished product could be made from just yarn and a crochet hook. I also had blankets that my great-grandmother had crocheted. I always felt so connected to her through the blankets and I always planned on one day teaching myself. In college I taught myself by watching YouTube videos. It was my outlet to de-stress and quiet my mind. And a way to save money on Christmas/birthday presents for my friends and family, haha!

What inspired you to start a shop?

When I started teaching myself I ended up with a lot of scarves, hats, and random items. I gave most away as gifts but I decided to open up a shop when friends and family started asking me to make them items.

I learned first about your beautiful mermaids, were they the first item in your shop? If not, what was?

For the first year my shop was solely crocheted accessories, like scarves, hats, etc. It’s pretty crazy to think back to that and see how much I evolved. At that time I was just out of college and working in the corporate world. About one year into that I realized that corporate America was NOT for me and decide to take a leap of faith and quit. I always knew I loved children and was good with them, so I became a nanny while focusing on building Millennial Handmades.

Once I was around children all day I started adding baby toys, teething rings, and stuffed animals to my store. Once I made my first doll I knew that was an item that I wanted to perfect and focus on. Once I wrote the pattern for my mermaid and put that out there, my dolls took off!

You are always coming up with new designs and color combinations. Where do you find your inspiration?

I love going to yarn stores, local shops when I can, and finding new colors to work with. Same with fabric stores. I’ll find a type of fabric for a doll’s skirt, and work the rest of the doll around that. I also have the most creative customers! The combinations that they come up with are always so unique and special.

Do you hand make each doll/creature?

Yes, I do. A lot of time goes into each item. At times it can get a bit overwhelming but it’s always so worth it. Especially when I see a little one completely in love with their new doll or animal.

What can we look forward to in the future of Millennial Handmades?

New colors, new fabrics, and new styles. I also plan on selling some written patterns so you can try your hand at making a doll!

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram // @millennialhandmades & @millennialhippie

Facebook // Millennial Handmades

Well it looks like soon enough I may have a shot at learning to make one of her creations! Although I am pretty sure it will not end up being shop worthy. Haha!

The love and time she puts into every single piece makes is awe inspiring. There is so much unique personality that you would never find in a factory made toy. I guess that it just the beauty of handmade.


I have a million +1 ideas for dolls I want (to get for Tahlya of course 😉) but I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes next!


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