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Craft- The Silver Loft

Oh man, I could go on and on about this wonderful shop so I am going to do my best to keep it fairly short. The Silver Loft and I met a few months ago and our relationship has only boomed from there. You have heard me rave about her in my Me Favorites but today I have the honor to interview the hustling mama behind The Silver Loft and I couldn’t be any more excited.


First, tell us about yourself.

My name is Leisa (pronounced “Lisa”) and I am:
1) Short.  I am 5’1″ with flats on.
2) A mother to 4 kids (2 girls, 2 boys) ranging from 13 down to 3.
3) A stress eater… and a bored eater
4) One of those Crazy Mormons and I love it. #familiesareforever
5) An artist at heart.  I love painting, making anything with my hands, and I have since I was little!
6) A bad cook.  Not that I can’t always do it, but I just don’t like cooking.  I know, sad right?
7) Addicted to Diet Coke.  My recent surgery has kept me without one for 7 days now and I miss it!
8) A color whore.  I do not have a favorite color, I pretty much love them all, especially if I can contrast or pair with another color.
9) A recovering self-hair cutter.  I cut my own hair for about 10 years because of stress.  I had a pixie for 6 of those years.  My hair is now shoulder length and I actually go to a stylist to get it done!  YAY ME!
10) In love!  I know this sounds silly, and my hubby and I have had a rollercoaster of a marriage with 4 kids, different jobs, many moves, but we are celebrating our 15 year anniversary in May by going to Hawaii and I feel like we are going on another Honeymoon!  I know that is sappy, but hitting this year mark is so special to me, and I love how our life has turned out!
How long has your shop been open and what inspired you to begin?  
I have had my jewelry side of my business for almost 10 years now!  I have always been an artist, but because painting takes long to start, finish, clean up, etc…once I started having kids that was harder and harder to do.  I have always loved making things with my hands and I am so lucky that jewelry sort of fell into my lap for that purpose!
What is your jewelry making story? I guess in better words, how did you discover this talent?
When I had my oldest daughter and she was about 2, (she is 13 now) my mom went to a church activity and they taught her to make earrings.  She bought some supplies and invited me and my sisters to come and make a few pairs for fun.  I immediately went to the craft store after that and came home with anything and everything that I could purchase from Michaels and seriously didn’t stop making earrings for about 10 days.  I was giving them to everyone.  One of my friends I even gave her 3 pair before she finally said “Leisa, thank you so much but my ears aren’t even pierced!” I took her to get her ears pierced a few weeks later at her request haha.  Every woman in my family got jewelry for Christmas that year.
You are always adding something new to the shop. What inspires you in your daily life to produce new pieces?
I have ADD.  And it is one of the things that I LOVE about myself.  Yes my mind goes a million miles a minute, and yes I have a hard time not interrupting people and paying attention when being spoken to, and I can’t finish about half of the projects I start.  That being said, I am constantly thinking of ideas.  Many times the idea won’t leave me alone until I write it down on paper, or better yet, make it!  I think most of my inspiration comes from my life.  My kids, my friends, my family…even being inspired by other peoples relationships really leads to many of the pieces that are my favorite in my shop!
This question would be nearly impossible for me to answer but I am still going to ask you! If you had to pick your favorite piece in your entire shop, what would it be and why?
My favorites tend to be the smaller things, like rings, and tiny pendants because I can wear them without any fuss.  I think hands-down my favorite piece is my Lovers Bangle.  I love the rectangle, I love both the silver ox and the rustic brass finish, and I love how simple it is.  It is one of the pieces that I wear DAILY.  I switch it in and out for other pieces all of the time, but always come back to it.
You have an awesome Instagram sale page, tell us more about it.
This page was originally made so that I wouldn’t clog up my regular feed with so many posts when I wanted to have a sale.  It has become such a fun place to get to know my customers better!  Many times I have sales on there at crazy prices, and sometimes even one of a kind items so I think people think that it is fun too.  And who doesn’t love a sale!?
Are there any new and exciting things that we can plan on from The Silver Loft in the near future?
I just launched my rewards program.  This program is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  It is a way I can say thank you to those customers that keep coming back!  You get credit each time you spend something, so that next time you want an item, you can use your credit!  I also just redesigned my logo and new packaging so you will start to see that this Spring and Summer!
Where can we find you on social media?
Instagram- @thesilverloft
Pinterest- The Silver Loft
Facebook- The Silver Loft
That sale page she mentioned? Don’t miss it! That is where I was able to snag some of my first pieces. You can expect crazy sales every Friday!
I think one of my favorite parts about The Silver Loft is working with Leisa to create the perfect piece. I have a creative mind but not the crafty skills to match, it has been a dream to watch my visions come to life from her hands.
Not only does she create beautiful jewelry pieces, you can pick up a gorgeous trinket bowl or other keepsake items. I had my eye on this hand painted trinket dish for so long that I finally had to get it for my growing collection!
The quality of her pieces is amazing and the real, raw, and beautiful mama behind the scenes is amazing as well. What more can I say? I’m hooked for life.

What do you think?