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Inside Our Easter- 2016

I thought it would be fun to show clips of our Easter Sunday. We had such a beautiful, relaxing, and love filled day.

Tahlya’s “nani” (aunt) came home from California where her cheer team became national champs, we went to church where Tahlya wouldn’t let me stop tickling her head, she had multiple Easter egg hunts, we had a feast, OH and did I mention?! We are officially pre-approved and on the market to buy a home. Wish us luck!

These clips are all from Snapchat so if we haven’t connected yet, let’s do it now! (modernwanderer) Just a note, my video editing skills are non-existent, someone teach me your ways!

What was your family up to this weekend?



2 thoughts on “Inside Our Easter- 2016

  1. The video was so cute! I hope you find your dream home, or a somthing that you can turn into your dream home! I love watching “Fixer Upper” and I’m so eager for us to get one in the future, but I’m sure my husband won’t be excited about all of the work that might need to be done.

    1. Thank you!!!
      I sure hope so too. I love watching those shows but I’m totally not up for it myself! haha. I hope we find one that needs very little work done!!

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