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Update on the House Hunt

Don’t ask me how long ago we got pre-approved, I couldn’t tell you. It feels like months but its only been a matter of weeks. Has it been two weeks yet? My brain is gone I tell you, gone.

The market is tough right now. More buyers than sellers or something like that. We will find the right place, it may just take a bit more blood, sweat, and tears. I learned real quick to not become too attached to anything. We weren’t preapproved yet. We went out looking just to get an idea of what our budget would buy us. I found a cute house in a cute neighborhood. It was just so cute! Right around the time we were getting the preapproval done, I realized it was still on the market! We were ready to put an offer on it. The morning we were officially preapproved, it went under contract! Whelp.

Throw in a couple more heartbreaks, a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm, some nerves, and an expansion of locations to look at, and that’s about where we are now! This experience has given me more appreciation and a new love for my husband. You think you learn a lot about a person having a baby together? Try buying a house together! It has been fun to watch and see where his opinions are strong, and where he is letting me take the reins. I love knowing that I will be able to decorate and choose things that I like without him objecting.


Sure, we haven’t found the one yet, but I know it’s out there!

It seems to be house buying season all over the place so here are a few tips I have been told and that I have picked up myself-

  • Don’t get too attached to a house until you have the keys. (oops, still having a hard time with that one)
  • Listen to the professionals you have on your side, as much as you think you know, they know more.
  • Be open. You may not be able to get every single thing you want. You could probably live without those archways.
  • On the contrary, even if this may be your “starter home”, you could end up there much longer than originally planned. Make sure you love the place and it fits your needs.
  • Make sure you’re on the same page as your partner. You need to see things eye to eye.
  • Look past the ugly carpet, the hole in the wall, or the sharpie on the cabinet. These are all minor things that can be changed to your liking. If the house itself is good, don’t be turned off by minor details.
  • Stay positive. It is going to be easy to feel burned out when something doesn’t go your way. Keep in mind there is something better out there for you!

Friday we head out again to take on the house hunt. Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Update on the House Hunt

  1. I suffer from the “home attachment” thing too. I would fall in love with a place, sometimes, just from looking at online photos. Then If I go to the place and it’s exactly what was online, or even more beautiful, I fall deeper in love with it. So when I see that it’s something that we can’t afford, or if the cons of the place are things that we can’t live with, I want to cry as if I’ve been evicted and lost everything.

    We still rent, so prices fluctuate frequently and that’s the most stressful part. With apartments, they can change almost daily. With houses, they may become cheaper if it’s been on the market for awhile, or it can get more expensive if the owner decides to update something.

    We just got approved for a rental last week and I was excited because I accidentally got attached during the tour and I wasn’t ready to deal with another home search heartbreak. I hope you guys find something soon and I’ll be sure to keep these tips in mind when we decide that we’re ready to buy a home! We’re still trying to figure out where we want to settle before purchasing a home.

    1. Oh mama I feel you 100% this sounds exactly like me! I’ve been getting better with each refusal but it’s still hard! I wish you the best of luck finding something for your family.❤️❤️

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