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Craft- Permanent Cosmetics by Taby

*I was given a free procedure for this post however all opinions are my own.

Craft- an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

I wasn’t sure at first where to place this post. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that of course it belongs here. Permanent Cosmetics is a beautiful art and people like Taby who I am about to introduce, make wonderful things happen. They create and enhance features on your face, etc. that make a person feel more confident about themselves. What a powerful career!

A little over the week ago I had the opportunity to go in and have Taby work some magic on my eyes.

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Before I continue, I want to fulfill my promise of introducing Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Taby!

Hi Taby, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?
Born in Peru, Raised in Provo. Believe in spreading love as thick as you would Nutella. I have a thing for pretty walls. LOVE to travel. Famila is everything. I’ve gone to school for way too many things!
Where do you currently work?
I work out of Studio K on State in Orem, UT.
How long have you been doing permanent cosmetics?
Just from the beginning of this year. I actually ran my own business for 8 years, which was a woman’s boutique and closed its doors December 31st of 2015 to go to P.C school. I’m getting married next month and wanted to be able to have the time flexibility to be a wife and hopefully a mom sooner than later as well. 
What got you interested in the first place?
My little sister, she’s been in the beauty industry since she was 16 and now I get to work with my best friend. Its the BEST!
What is your favorite part about what you do?
Honestly… I Love helping my clients feel beautiful. They are able to wake up the next day and with little bit of effort or non still feel ready/ confident for the day. It’s Rad!
If you have to pick a favorite procedure that you do, what would it be and why?
LIPS!!! I love doing lip fills, because lips are a very important part of the face. With the soft tap technique we are able to create a very bold or natural look. I’m all about the natural look!!
What do you see for yourself in your future and career?
Opening up my own salon. I would love to eventually teach and give training’s all around the world.
What advice would you have for anyone interested in starting a career doing permanent cosmetics?
Like Nike, JUST DO IT!
Where can we find you on social media?
Instagram- @pc_by_taby + @tabydavila
Facebook- P.C. by Taby
Snapchat- tabydavila
So what was it like to have my EYELINER done?! I figured, since I have gotten four tattoos, I would be fine. They don’t numb tattoos but I knew Taby would be numbing my eyes. I brought my husband along for moral support and because I wasn’t sure I would be able to make the hour drive home afterwards. The entire experience was awesome! Taby used several numbing solutions and in two hours (that really felt like less than one), she was done!
The entire process was wonderful. I was able to find a color that would work for me, take in Taby’s suggestions, and relax during the procedure.
I think that there is a bit of a stigma around permanent makeup that isn’t necessarily true. Sure, the sharpie eyebrows and bright red lip liner happen, but that is the clients choice! Taby loves a natural look and I know that she is not the only aesthetician who feels that way. Permanent makeup, just like dying your hair, or buying jewelry, is all about making yourself feel good! There is no vanity in that.
There are so many different techniques that are done with permanent cosmetics, I first learned about soft tap when my sister had her eyebrows done back in January. This technique gives the same natural look without going as deep into your skin. My healing time was less than one week and I am looking forward to going back to my touch up in May and my lip fill in July. I’m still deciding on the color, there are so many to choose from!
What about you? Have you ever thought about permanent makeup? What procedure would you get done?
For all of my Utah locals, Taby has an awesome offer for you to make that thought a reality. Mention my blog when you SCHEDULE an appointment to receive $100 off any procedure!! She can be reached via email: or phone number: 385-210-4797 (cell) 801-224-7222 (salon)

What do you think?