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This Father’s Day Must Have Gift

*I was sent free items to review however all opinions are my own.

It can be SO HARD to shop for your dad or hubby for Father’s Day. Either they’re too picky, or too… general in what they like. I’m a firm believer that every guy needs a good watch. Like a good quality, lasts forever, beautiful watch. That’s where Jord Wood Watches come into play. These are the most unique watches I have ever come across and therefor the most unique and unusual gifts, and I LOVE it! No more boring tie that will go in the back of their closet and collect dust. I can’t think of one man who wouldn’t appreciate one of these watches as a gift. (and if they don’t they’re not a man, they’re a boy, you don’t need that in your life.😉)

Do you see what I’m talking about?! This is one of those once in a lifetime pieces that you cherish forever. Artists have come together to create an array of watches that appeal to anyone’s lifestyle. (women’s watches are available as well)

As much as I wanted to surprise Luis I ended up enlisting his help to choose a piece that would be right for him. (ps- I totally could have done it alone, he picked the one I originally had in mind for him.) He is a bit of a watch snob (love you hun), and is extremely picky about what watches he will wear. He likes to stick to certain brands and getting him to wear the watch I had in mind for our wedding last year? Didn’t happen.

I’m glad we could both agree that this piece is absolute perfection!

He wears it so well! It’s been a battle trying to get him to not wear it until Father’s Day! I may just grant it to him early, he looks too handsome.😉

Father’s are amazing people, they provide, love, and care for us. They deserve nothing but the best. While material things are just that, it’s so nice to get a nice gift every once in a while! Take advantage of Father’s Day to do that for them, men love presents just as much as women!  Be on the lookout tomorrow on my Instagram for a chance to win a Jord Watch for your special guy.

Shop his look here.

Wood Watch

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  1. Wow! That’s so thoughtful and sweet of you. Our fathers deserve nothing but the best indeed. Wooden watches is also a trend nowadays. You might want to check it out:
    Again, great post!

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