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Thoughts On My Baby Turning Two

Tahlya turns two this weekend and oh my, I have been thinking about life in all sorts of ways lately. I think about how two years seemed like such a long time back in high school and how now it seems like the blink of an eye. I think about how I have grown as a person and adapted to this new life. I think about something a friend told me as we walked through the woods a while back; it was along the lines of “She’s been here for only two years and has such a big personality. When you think about it, two years really isn’t that much time to gain such a personality. Babies are amazing that way.” It’s true, isn’t it? We don’t seem to think that way much, but in all actuality… our little ones become such… people in such a short amount of time! Life is pretty amazing that way.

It’s easy to see a year, two years, ten years even, as such a large amount of time but it’s simply not. We are going through life and whether we live beautifully or not matters to no one but ourselves. Our beautiful earth is resilient and if we do nothing good with our lives, she will go on. But we don’t. Life stops for us as our heart stops beating and if we don’t want to leave our mark here on earth, what was the point really? So many people stumble through the motions and leave without anyone remembering their name. I don’t want to be remembered by all but I surely don’t want to be remembered by none. My legacy is this little one, who has been on earth for just a moment, and any others who may come after her. I want to leave my mark on her. I hope she remembers walking through the forest, sharing toast at our little white table and play ring a round the rosies in the living room. I hope she remembers how I half-mindedly sing “You Are My Sunshine” while I rub her warm legs to help her feel better. I hope she remembers that I did all I could to be a beacon of light and an example of love.

I hope to be remembered by a handful of others as a friend. Friends are the flowers of life, they make it beautiful. I didn’t see that for so long. But I see it now. I see their importance and I see the importance of picking ones who are trying to be or have already become the type of person you aim to be. I hope to teach the importance of this to Tahlya as my mom did my entire childhood.

Maybe I’m rambling or maybe I’m onto something but as my daughter turns two and continues to learn, grow, and amaze everyday, I simply hope to teach her how beautiful this world can be despite the ugly that does its best to come through.


What do you think?