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Minimal Home Decor That Lasts A Lifetime

I have had the pleasure of working with Lamborn Hardware and let me just say, you are in for a treat!
Would you mind telling me a bit about yourself?
I’m the son of two architects. I’m a graduate of Industrial Design. I briefly worked in furniture and lighting design. About two-thirds of my family are designers and/or entrepreneurs. I have an adorable 1-year-old Corgi-Collie puppy – you can find him on Instagram #CopperTheKastK9 . I live in what I consider my favorite area of the country and I can never get enough of it.
What inspired you to begin Lamborn Hardware?
When I was in college, I started an Etsy store – Kast Concrete Knobs – out of the bathroom of my studio apartment. I continued my maker obsession into my career as a nights and weekends gig. After some big publicity landed, I was contacted by a couple of retailers I’d always dreamed of working with and took on the gamble of self-employment. Over years of diving into the “maker” community, I came across many amazing craftsmen and women across America. I decided that I wanted to create a brand that carefully curated this wave of emerging manufacturing as a collection of goods for the modern home, while using ecologically-responsible material and processes.

Is there a story behind the name, Lamborn Hardware?
When I decided to leave my full-time job, I knew that I had to love where I live and work. After living more than 20 years away from my native state, I moved back to Colorado, landing in the Western Slope’s North Fork Valley. Towering above the Gunnison River stands Mount Lamborn, my constant reminder of nature’s beauty and resilience.
Where are your pieces created?
Our launch collection was created by over a dozen makers and manufacturers across the United States – From Washington to Arizona, Minnesota to New Jersey.
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How does where you live and your lifestyle inspire your brand?
The North Fork Valley has an incredible variety of ecosystems within an hour’s drive. Copper and I go for hikes every few days and I’m always inspired by a new form of plant adaptation or geological formation, from aspen-crowded forests to dry vein-like desert basins. Too often, I find trails scattered with our never-decomposing litter (plastics) – I’m constantly reminded to use materials that will preserve this beauty for our children.
What plans do you have for the future of your company?
By the end of the year, we plan to have more than two-dozen makers & designers exhibited on Lamborn Hardware. I’d like to see Americans pride their home with housewares they’d pass down to their children. I’d like for Lamborn Hardware to far surpass Kast Concrete Knobs, providing an income for those who love and believe in what they create.
Where can we find you on social media?
Instagram- @lambornhardware
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If you haven’t gone to take a look at his site yet, let me tell you a bit about the pieces you will find. All of these gorgeous pieces (ranging from shelves to salt and pepper shakers to knobs) are simple and minimal. This business is based off of creating sustainable pieces that will last a lifetime and I think that’s what draws me in. I love a minimal look but having something that fits my style and won’t break after a bit of living? That screams Savanna. I’ve noticed a trend of minimal home being extremely flimsy. Surely I would rather spend a bit extra for something that will last.
Sure the pieces last a lifetime (and beyond) but life happens, I get it. You move, your style changes, etc. Lamborn Hardware has a “recycle program” unlike anything I have ever seen. The mission here is incredible, the limit waste.
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So what do I think? I LOVE my pieces. The euclid shelf is such a statement piece on our wall while keeping minimal, just as I like. I am obsessed with classic looks and so my match sets still have me swooning. My husband insisted on using one to light a candle but even though I’m a candle fanatic… I think I’ll keep these matches as decor. Sorry honey, they are just too gorgeous.
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