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Heading To The Islands From The Heart Of Utah

Let me tell something I’m a bit ashamed of. Please, don’t judge me. I visited Hawaii last August, gorgeous place I tell you, buuuuut… I never tried an acai bowl. Ugh, I know, bad decision. Fresh fruit was everywhere I looked and Acai bowl stands off the side of the road were just as frequent as shrimp trucks and fruit stands. It doesn’t matter though, what’s done is done, HOWEVER, I have discovered a way to visit Hawaii whenever I want!

Acai With A Blend is a place to get fresh acai bowls and other yummy foods right here in Utah. Their cute Sugarhouse location and amazing presentation of the bowls takes me right back to Hawaii with every bite!

Let me introduce you to the brothers behind the business.

Would you mind telling me a bit about yourselves?

We’re just two brothers in our 20s from Las Vegas who love Acai and realized Utah was totally missing out!;) haha both of us grew up in Vegas but had the opportunity to live in several different states over the past couple years. Id say both of us like all the change moving brings, so the move to Salt Lake was exciting. Brody and I have had most of our work experience managing others businesses and thought we’d like it a lot more if we managed our own business! Really though we just love to have fun and try to both in work and out of work…

Brothers and business partners, how is that? I can’t imagine running a business with my sister!

I know what you mean… and honestly if it was some of my other siblings I could see myself pulling my hair out! Brody and I just have a mutual respect for each others ideas and thought so it becomes easy to communicate which is key in a partnership. However, calling in for a fake sick days becomes a little harder…;)

What inspired you to open Acai with a Blend?

Owning my own business has been at the forfront of my mind since I left BYU and started out there looking for a career! At the same time I was managing a trampoline park in Vegas, Brody was managing a café which sold Acai. Brody thought we could do this and wanted to open up a shop. I loved Acai and this seemed like our chance to get started. Business has been growing and my education and knowledge through the proses has grown even more. Id recommend going for it to and future entrepreneurs.

 How do you come up with your wonderful recipes?

Well from my brother Brody’s knowledge came a lot of the ingredients and then came the fun part of mixing all the different fruits to make the best taste we can. That mixing really hasn’t ended tho. We plan to have new weekly or monthly specials and always keep our most popular on the main menu. After the taste was right, we moved on the naming the different bowls which was even more of a blast.

Does life here in Utah, specifically in the heart of Sugar House, inspire your brand in any way?

Yes! We picked sugar house because of its young, hip, and healthy feel. I think that seems the be the demographic in sugar house. We think everyone will love Acai Bowls, I mean how can you not, but these are the people we knew would love them for sure.

Are there any new plans we can look forward to in the future for Acai With a Blend?

We will obviously continue to make new and great bowls, smoothies, gourmet toasts; waffles and espressos for both our main menu and weekly/monthly specials but we also want to open a future location soon. We just need to determine the best location for that! We also hope to have some great outdoor seating for the summer and fall months to come.

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram- @acaiwithablend

Facebook- Acai With A Blend

The vibes in this place are just insane. I’m on a real Sugar House kick so to realize they are located there was already a huge plus for me. Tucked away in a cute little plaza you walk inside to a gorgeous modern/industrial styled restaurant. The employees are laid back, the customers are laid back, and the menu is insane! Who wants to meet me there for a lunch date?! I’ve been planning every single get together to be there!

Hawaii, don’t be mad at me, but I’m perfectly fine snacking at Acai With A Blend until I can get back to the island…


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