Checking In- Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I’m still here in case you were wondering. If you haven’t already you really ‘ought to simply connect with me on Insta. I hardly ever neglect that space. That’s not to say this little blog has been neglected. Big plans, ideas, and love are being poured into this space. But of course, that won’t show on your end until it has all been completed. I am so looking forward to it. A new look, new adventures, lots of new things coming soonish! I hope you’re as excited as I am. 2016 is my deadline. So basically this could take until December and that’s fine, I know it will come so much faster than anyone could imagine. I should probably start Christmas shopping soon!

I wanted to update some small things that I haven’t really talked about. The house is going wonderfully. Slow and steady wins the race, that’s my motto. I am really unsure how anyone gets their new home up and beautiful right from the get-go. We started from square one, never having lived on our own until now. No furniture, no bed, no decor. Funny to think we have only been in our quaint little home a few months and it has already gone through several rough drafts. We started with a tall white table and an old suede couch with a grey cover to be the first to welcome us home. As the days went on I grew to despise the thing, that couch. The cover wouldn’t stay on and it just didn’t look right. I over compensated on the table. It took up our entire dining space by both its height and length. That beautiful white table found its way to a new home and we welcomed a gorgeous little black table with black chairs whose backs are long and I am pretty sure this table waiting its whole life to sit in that dining room. The nuisance of a couch made its way downstairs into our half finished basement (to be determined if it will make it much longer even staying at our house) and the new couch was delivered today! Beautiful slate thing it is, it has given me a vision for our living room! The tv stand should be arriving shortly and I look forward to seeing that beauty!

I have so many visions for the house. I have to remind myself, slow and steady wins the race. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ve deemed Pinterest a no-no at this time. No more aimlessly scrolling through for  home inspiration. No more wishing and wanting. It’s simply a tool for quick ideas on say, what pillows might look good. I am proud of Luis and I for being under 21 and home owners. And I am proud of myself for saying that and not wishing for more.

School is great, although I must admit I am getting pretty damn tired of drawing. Not my forte that’s for sure. Next semester should be fun, although I like the calm of summer semester. Not much going on, just motivated students.

As crazy as life seems to be at the same exact time it feels a bit slow. Peaceful almost even amongst the madness going on.

Slow and steady.


2 thoughts on “Checking In- Slow And Steady Wins The Race

  1. I love new homes but you’re totally right- it’s really difficult to start from scratch!! Let me know if I can make you some pillows!! I’ve been thinking about making moon phase pillows that you might be into!! Maybe since it’d be research we could even do at cost!

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