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How To Set Your Radiant Point + Use It To Your Advantage

What’s a “radiant point”? When you google the term not a whole lot comes up, but we all have one. The secret here is to be aware of what it is, set it, and use it to help yourself!

I took a quick summer course with a rad teacher who is super keen on personal growth and understanding yourself. This is where I first heard the term “radiant point”. I’ll try to keep this as short and informative as possible but I know I’ll miss something considering I’m trying to jam 5 hours of class time into one blog post. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have more questions, I’d love to help you understand your radiant point better.

First, let’s back track to my first question, “What is a radiant point”? When you finish this paragraph, I want you to close your eyes and think. Think of an item or a place that draws you in. Something/place that inspires you. Something/place that you simply love. This can also be a pet if you choose, but not a person. Don’t continue until you have that in mind.

Did you think of something? Here, now I’ll tell you mine. Succulents. Succulents, cacti, any green resilient plant. I find myself to attracted to these little guys. The way they can endure so much and look so beautiful. The aesthetic aspects they bring into a room. I have always been so infatuated with them!

Next you must set your radiant point. This may not be something you can do right away, but I highly encourage that you follow through and set it. You will need a group of people, they can be family members, friends, hell… it can be a group of strangers. It doesn’t have to be too many people, but the more the better! You’ll bring your radiant point or if you can’t, a picture, and jot out three columns on a piece of paper, white board, or chalk board. The columns will be as follows:

Column one- physical characteristics of this item/place. Explain this item/place as if you were trying to describe it to someone who had never seen it before. You group may chime in ideas.

Column two- how this item/place makes you feel. Emotions attached.

Column three- what your group gathers from all of this information. What they notice about you or your item/place from this exercise. What information they may have gathered that connects you and this item/place. The more the better here.

Because column three may be a bit confusing here are some things my class said about me and my item to give you a little push in what direction you may need to head:

  • enjoys life
  • individualistic
  • resilient
  • drawn to the aesthetically pleasing
  • connected

By visually seeing all the words and phrases from each column and physically seeing and hearing them said, you are setting your radiant point. You are understanding why you feel that connection and seeing things about yourself you may have not noticed or truly thought about that may very well be some of your strongest characteristics. Let yourself thrive off these things and hold onto them within your radiant point.

Now, I am sure you may be wondering how your radiant point can help you. You may even have a few ideas yourself. The answer I will give is very fluid because the answer is different for everyone. Your radiant point is something that you can draw strength, creativity, joy, etc. from just by thinking of it. Here are a few examples…

An artist suffering from a creative block may take a few moments to take themselves to their radiant point, in whatever way their brain finds the most soothing, “reset” and get back to work with ease with their radiant point in mind.

Someone suffering from social anxiety is placed in a stressing situation. They may find a moment of solitude and take themselves to their radiant point, again in whatever way their brain finds the most soothing and draw strength. Keeping in mind the characteristics that both themselves and their radiant point have. Holding onto that strength they can face the stressing situation.

The list can go on and on. How you use your radiant point to your advantage is up to you, your needs, and your willingness to truly draw those things from your radiant point.

I’ve found that even taking a moment to soak in the vibes from my radiant point everyday can help me get through stressing moments that come and pass as I go about my day. I hope that once you set aside the time to set your radiant point you will begin to see the wonders it can work in your life.


What do you think?