A Challenge of Healing – The Root Chakra

A Challenge of Healing – The Root Chakra

If you saw my Instagram post, you may already be familiar with the nearly two month long challenge I have set for myself. Here’s a recap.

One week at a time, I will be working to heal and balance each of my chakras as well as discover each of their own unique ties to personal development. To take directly from my post, “I find it important to work from the bottom up, a blockage of the energy flow in a lower chakra can stop that light and energy from flowing through all of the others.
I think that many of us need healing in our root chakras. This is where negative/positive self talk comes in. Healing your root chakra connects you with your confidence, positive communication to self and others, and a grounding with the universe.” That was a little blurb of what the root chakra is/does but I wanted to make this post to explain it a little deeper as well as talk about what I have done and will continue to do throughout the week to balance it before I move onto the sacral chakra.

I’ve always had a small , general understanding of each chakra and what they do. As I prepared to enter into this challenge I realized how much self reflection and study I needed to do. Not only did I not have a thorough understanding of the chakras, but I wasn’t entirely sure what I hoped to get out the challenge itself. I knew that I enjoyed the quick balancing of the chakras I had done with my life coach and wanted that peaceful feeling with me more often, but that was the end of it.

This lead to my surface researching of the chakras. For those of you who keep hearing the word “chakra” in this post and no clue what I am talking about – as simply put as possible (thanks google) “each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.”

As I said before, I am beginning my healing with the root chakra. This is the spiritual center of grounding, connection, security, physical energy, and other characteristics of that nature. It is located at the base of the spine and represented by the color red. I truly believe many of of us have blocked or unbalanced root chakras. This, as I said before, can stop the flow of energy to all other chakras. Simply said, leaving us all hot messes. Some signs that your root chakra is blocked may be inability to focus, or feeling unsafe, nervous, or stressed. Simple things happen in our daily lives that can block our chakras and unless you are aware of this, it just build and builds and builds. There are MANY ways to heal and balance your chakras including – affirmations, yoga, meditation, crystal healing, essential oils, and even the foods you eat! I have chosen to be open about this journey in hopes that I may educate or inspire others about the process but keep in mind, what works for me may not be what would work best for you!

Finally, onto my healing process for the root chakra. I am feeling a connection to healing this chakra through yoga and meditation and feel that this may be because these are interconnected processes I do to connect with the earth and the root chakra in a sense equals being grounded. I am curious to see if this will change for each chakra. For the sake of not making this post much longer, I’ll simply link to what you may do with these methods to focus on your root chakra.

Feel free to follow along on Instagram where I plan to make several updates a week with my challenge along with the weekly blog post. I would love to see you joining me! Namaste.

Root Chakra Yoga Healing

Root Chakra Meditation Healing (keep in mind here that meditation can be interpreted in many ways, browsing through I hope you find a form of meditation that speaks to you.)

Read week two on the sacral chakra here.


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