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Finding Your Place In Minimalism

Minimalism – a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

The simple, minimalist lifestyle has been on trend for the last couple of years. A very close relative, if not twin sister to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Many aspire for the title of “minimalist”, I know I myself am inspired by a simple lifestyle. I have written about it before, and I remember thinking that when we bought a home it would be Pinterest worthy of the search “minimal home decor”. The fact of the matter is, minimalism doesn’t come easily to everyone.

We all have different interests, needs, and desires. While I’m sure that full on minimalism comes naturally to some, it doesn’t to most. You may love a capsule wardrobe but hoard nick naks around the home or the other way around. That is okay.

We live in a world where anyone and their dogs are so quick to judge. We throw out name calling such as “fake”, “wannabe” and so much more like it’s candy. New trends always have a group of extremists and a group of haters following closely behind and it can be daunting to someone inspired by the lifestyle to come aboard.

I’m here on this lovely Friday afternoon to remind you to do you boo. Any trend, any lifestyle, can be adjusted to fit who YOU are. Never feel the need to fit a cookie cutter mold. It is all too easy to lust after someone living the life you want. As you do this you are neglecting the one you have and not allowing it to grow.

I advocate for a simple lifestyle because I have seen how it has bettered me. Simplifying my wardrobe, my home, and the life I live has been an amazing journey but I live abundantly in other aspects. I am happy. That is what matters. And if a simple life is something you aspire for, I hope that you are not afraid to begin. Changing your mindset to one filled with “I can’s” will kick start you into anything you want to do.

Let yourself grow into the person you hope to be. Enjoy each stage as you pass through it. Rome wasn’t built in a day my dear.


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