A Challenge Of Healing – The Sacral Chakra

A Challenge Of Healing – The Sacral Chakra

Last week I focused on healing/balancing my root chakra. I spent an entire week doing yoga and meditation to connect myself to and heal my root chakra. Read more here.

A recap of how it went – Halfway through the week I decided to healing food to my root chakra challenge. Starting my day off with red foods helped me to focus on what I was driving myself towards. Because the root chakra is the spiritual center of grounding and connection, I felt that the balancing of this chakra was simply a grounding technique. I’d encourage you to read more on grounding if you are interested in the topic.

With the week over I can already feel the energy flow strengthening throughout my entire being now that the first center has been cleared.

Moving on up, this week my focus will be on the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is located in the reproductive area and is represented by the color orange. Connected to your creativity, self respect/image and sexuality, I am looking forward to the healing of this chakra. This is another one I believe many of need balancing in, however, if you are unaware of its existence or significance, it is easily overlooked. Your sacaral chakra is likely blocked if you lack self esteem, have extreme jealousy, low libido, and/or feel emotionally unstable. I would bet that nearly anyone reading this connected with one or more of those issues. (Each chakra is also connected to physical/medical issues when blocked, and although I will not be going into this during my challenge I want you to be aware. If you suffer from a medical issue please search which chakra it may be related to and focus on healing it.)

Even as an advocate for self love, personal development, and wellness, all of the things I listed above are some of the  issues I deal with and have dealt with on the strongest levels. I have used many methods to better myself and have made many far strides, however, I am always looking to continue to improve. It wasn’t until I decided to do this challenge that I realized the healing/balancing of this chakra could be the answer I was looking for. Because of this, I look forward to this week and look forward to working with those who have joined me.

Without moving my focus from the root chakra too early, I began meditating on what healing method(s) I should use to heal this week.

The sacral chakra’s element is water. I felt a strong connection to healing from this element. Surrounding myself by, in and consuming a lot of water this week. This is something that may take a bit more planning, here’s the game plan – Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day from my 19 oz cup. Pick at least one activity to do a day: take a bath, go swimming, take a walk along the trail that follows a creek near my house.

Along with healing through the element I will continue yoga as it is a habit I am forming, I will simply move my focus to stances of sacral chakra healing.

Here are a few other methods I felt compelled to share with you-

  • Affirmations – whether you need healing in one or all aspects connected to this chakra, writing out affirmations around them, reading them daily, and placing them where you can see can be significant in a healing process.
  • Aromatherapy – essential oils can be great to balance your chakras. Great ones for the sacral chakra would be: orange, patchouli, clary sage, sandalwood, and jasmine. Some of these could be added to a bath to hit the elemental healing as well.

Read the following week (focus on the solar plexus chakra here.)


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