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It’s Okay To Focus On Yourself

Mothers and women in general so often forget to take care of themselves. Society says we are selfish to prioritize our own self care. Aren’t we supposed to pour our entire heart and soul into our family?!

What if I told you that you can’t be your best self for those you love most if you aren’t taking time for yourself? Crazy right?!

Self care is proven to be essential for a mother’s health.

Think of life before marriage, before children, before boyfriends or work or college. I would imagine that, for the majority of us, self care was something we were constantly prioritizing without even realizing it! We didn’t have other priorities making their way up the list.

Another road block to self care is mom guilt. Mom guilt is SO REAL. More extreme for others but existing in all of us. I don’t know about you but when I get some time for myself (even just to enjoy a bath), I am constantly thinking about my daughter and feeling bad for not including her.

It is so important to keep in mind that it is healthy for you AND your child(ren) that you are getting this time. I’m not saying a week vacation with the girls needs to be happening on the regular (oh but how nice would that trip be), the simplest errands/events can turn into self care time.

Here are a few small ways to incorporate me time (aka self care):

  • Let your husband take the little one(s) to visit his family, stay behind (don’t feel bad about it!) take a bath, watch a movie you want to watch, and if you’re feeling a bit guilty, tidy up a room.
  • Make this weeks grocery trip a solo one. Wait until a day your husband is off or go in the evening when he’s home. Let him stay home with the kiddos and go get some solo grocery shopping done!
  • Wake up a little early. Tahlya wakes up around 8. Some days I wake up between 7 & 7:30 and enjoy a bit of me time in my bed getting the rare chance to catch up on some reading!
  • Hand over the tablet. Let those electronics do the work, hand over the tablet for them to play with or watch tv shows, go to a separate room and work out, do yoga, scroll through social media, or just lay down for a little while.
  • Have a play-date. Time with other moms can do wonders for self care. Get together, make sure the little ones have plenty to do in the living room and sit down at the kitchen table to eat lunch or chat. Soak it all up while she’s there!

There are SO many other ways to turn daily activities into a chance for some time to rejuvenate and focus on yourself. Let it happen, and don’t be afraid to let your husband know that you need it. (Just make sure he is getting time as well to do what he likes whether it is playing sports, hanging out with friends, or spending an hour or two playing video games.)

What is your favorite self care activity?


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