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Making Time To Date Your Spouse With Jord Wood Watches

The world moves so fast. School, work, housekeeping, motherhood. Giving you and your partner time to date tends to fall back on your list of priorities. Article after article will tell husbands to date their wives and the other way around, and we can continue reading them, however, taking the time to ACTUALLY date? That’s what is most important here.

I’ve put together two lists here that when combined, I hope help you to get a date going with your spouse!


Free To Luxurious “Different” Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Normal Routine:

  • Live near an airport? Find a grassy area or park nearby, set up a picnic, watch the planes come and leave, and enjoy each others company. There is something so soothing about watching airplanes in flight.
  • Head to the Arcade! This is one of mine and my husbands personal favorites. How long has it been since you have been to the arcade? This is a great way to release stress and just let your inner child out.
  • Go to brunch! I love food, and will never complain about going out to dinner, but changes things up and save a few bucks by going to brunch with your SO.




  • Take a class together. This sets up a round of date nights AND you will be learning something new. Whether it is dance, art, or learning a new language, you’re sure to leave closer to your SO and a bit smarter.
  • Visit the animals. As a parent it is easy to move locations such as the zoo, aviary, or aquarium to your list of places to go with the kids. Leave the little one(s) at grandma’s house and go with just the two of you. You’ll experience it in a way that you haven’t in years!
  • Head to the amusement park. Like I said above, you probably haven’t visited your local amusement park without the kids in quite a while. On a trip to California a while back, my mom kept Tahlya while Luis and I went to Disneyland. While we haven’t been with Tahlya yet, I also hadn’t been with Luis. It was so fun to experience Disneyland just the two of us.
  • Have a staycation. Rent a fancy hotel room, order room service, and enjoy a night or two in your own town with just the two of you. If you feel like going out, explore the streets aimlessly, let yourself discover shops and restaurants you have never noticed before. It’s easy to miss the little gems on a day to day basis.

A Few Simple Ways To Ensure You Make Time For Your SO:

  • Just pick a day! It’s easy to go back and forth with planning and end up going months with nothing. Just pick a day and stick with it!
  • Prioritize it. Life happens, things come up. An event is planned for the day you picked? Decide what is more important. 9 times out of 10, time with your SO will be.
  • Write it down. I am an avid planner user. Once I have something down in my planner I am seeing it daily. Put a note on your fridge, desk, or night stand. Seeing something daily will help you remember it.



  • Don’t stress. Your SO already picked you, the hard part is over. Don’t make your date something stressful. Keep it simple if needs be. People often push back things that stress them out. This is definitely not something that should!



Do you have any out of the box date ideas? Tell me, I want to know!

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