A Challenge Of Healing – The Solar Plexus Chakra

A Challenge Of Healing – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Wow – I did not expect my focus on the sacral chakra to be so difficult. The majority of my struggles lie within the spiritual center of the sacral chakra so once this challenge ends I plan to spend an extended time working on that healing. This 7-ish week challenge is meant to be a quick exploration and balancing of each chakra, that being said, if you are like me and have deep struggles in one area, I would urge you to do the same once this challenge is completed.

I still, however, have a bit of progress to report on. To recap – the sacral chakra is connected to your creativity, self respect/image and sexuality. I would go as far as to say that August has been one of the best months of the year for me so far! Nothing major has happened but the last two weeks I have spent on the sacral chakra opened my eyes to my self worth and the worth of my digital influence and blog. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved goals I thought were miles away.

Now to focus on this week’s challenge. The solar plexus chakra (quite a mouthful!) is closely related to the sacral chakra. It is the spiritual center for self worth, willpower, power, courage, and strength. An animal that comes to mind to help me visualize this is the lion. Represented by the color yellow, it may be blocked if you are fearful, anxious, lacking confidence, procrastinating, and/or shameful.

I am unsure if we have gone over this, but the color representing a chakra is huge when it comes to healing. If you choose to use methods of healing other than those that I choose, using that color can help you figure out a method that works for you. Using the solar plexus chakra / color yellow as an example, food healing would be eating yellow foods, visualizations would be surrounded by the sun, etc. etc. This is just a vague suggestion, there are so many resources online to help you find a method that will work for you.

Along with yoga (now focusing on the solar plexus), I have chosen affirmations and nature as balancing/healing methods. Nature is a great way to go for this chakra as it is connected to the fire element. This and the color yellow are…. you got it! The sun! Spending time in nature truly soaking up those rays will provide the healing necessary to balance this chakra.

If you know me, you know I am big on affirmations and looking forward to using them in this next week. If you are unsure what affirmations are, I talked about them in my post “Learning To Transform Insecurities”   using the apartment upgrade as a metaphor. I did not exactly call them affirmations in that post but it is exactly what I was talking about! All affirmations must be personalized to get the full use out of them. For affirmation ideas surrounding the characters of the solar plexus chakra, check out this Pinterest search.

*Tip – affirmations should use bold words. Instead of great, say fantastic! Instead of smart, genius. You catching my drift?

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One more action I will take to not only balance, but strengthen this chakra, is mindful mothering. Motherhood is such a beautiful and powerful thing. The solar plexus chakra being the center for power and strength is a wonderful chakra to tune into that side of motherhood. Focusing on your child’s needs and giving them your complete attention is an empowering spot to be in. I am also looking forward to using this to bring miss Tahlya into this challenge a bit.

I cannot wait to check in next week and moving onto the heart chakra. Namaste.

Recap – Our time in southern Utah was wonderful for this balancing. We soaked in so much sun, and I truly focused on my time with Tahlya. I used several silent affirmations but my main focus became healing with nature. This is such a powerful method because mother earth has provided us with all healing tools if we only think to use them. I felt empowered and have been holding onto that feeling. I feel that self expression is a wonderful way to let your solar plexus chakra naturally heal because when you feel comfortable with yourself you feel powerful and confident. This has shown true as I have delved into true self expression through all aspects – something I highly recommend.

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