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Simple Ways To Help Keep Your Children Safe In Today’s World With Owlet Baby Care

*This post is sponsored by Owlet Baby Care – the only baby monitor that uses hospital technology designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing.

We have come together for Baby Safety Month to bring awareness to various baby safety tips all month long! (Scroll to the bottom to find out more about Owlet Baby Care and enter the wonderful giveaway they have running through the end of September.)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were able to read Erica from 5 Little Monsters post yesterday about how to prevent your baby from scratching themselves. I am most certainly going to take a knack at that whenever baby #2 comes around!

Today I am chatting about how to keep your little ones safe when in today’s world.

The world can be a pretty scary place – with dangers anywhere from extreme weather to human threats, it can be pretty tempting as a new (or not so new) mom to stay locked up in the house all day with you baby where you can be in control of your surroundings. As great as it may sound some days, I wouldn’t recommend it. Just like we can’t keep our children bubble wrapped 24/7, we can’t expect them to not want to go out and explore the world. It is how we all learn!

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Here are a few ways you can keep your little ones safe when you’re out and about from both human and natural threats…

  • Never take your eye off of them. Babies get passed around like a hot potato. Everyone wants to to hold them and squeeze their precious rolls. However, even at family gatherings, my husband or I made sure to always have an eye on our daughter. Now that she’s older and I’m a bit more laid back about this, I still make sure that she is nearby at all times. You are their protector.
  • Prepare adequately every time you go out. If it is cold, make sure you have them properly bundled; likewise, if the sun is out, don’t forget the sunscreen! Pro tip- keep doubles of nearly everything! One sunscreen at home, one that stays in the diaper bag. One swaddle or blanket at home, one in the diaper bag or car. One package of bum cream at home, one in the diaper bag. This could go on and on. Keeping these essentials in the diaper bag or car will ensure you will be prepared for whatever mother earth throws at you!


  • Educate yourself. It sounds silly to lock you and your baby up inside to stay protected right? That’s what a lot of people do mentally. They don’t want to learn about the scary stuff going on such as diseases and attackers in the area. I understand, it is just that – scary. However, not keeping up on that news can end up harming yourself and your baby. Next time the news comes on, don’t change the channel, let yourself learn.
  • Don’t feel “silly” about protection methods. When my daughter was first born I did not want to get into baby wearing. I thought it was silly and that we would look funny. With it becoming increasingly popular it is not as hard to flaunt your baby wearing but that being said, I am pretty close to buy a toddler leash for my crazy gal. I like to think of it as the next step to baby wearing. You are keeping your children close, safe, and freeing up your hands to get other things done!
  • Keep several emergency contacts on hand. When I say several, I mean tons. You cannot be too prepared. Keep numbers in your phone for poison control, your child’s doctor, the nearest emergency room, even your next door neighbor. If you are in an urgent situation, you likely have your phone nearby, keep numbers stored for any type of emergency you can think of!


This list could honestly go on and on, but these tips are a great start. What other must know tips do you have? I need to know!

More on Owlet Baby Care – as I said before, it is the only baby monitor that uses hospital technology designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. You know that little red clip they place on your finger in the hospital? That technology has been put into a tiny little sock that you put on your baby as they go to bed. It connects via Bluetooth to a base station and Wi-Fi to your smartphone so there are no dangerous wires. It was created by parents who understand the importance of peace of mind. As a mama myself, I simply cannot put a price tag on that piece of mind, this technology is amazing and I need it when we have another baby!

Now what you’ve been waiting for! This baby safety giveaway will run all month long and there will be several great prizes including a baby gate and car seat with the grand prize being an Owlet Care baby monitor! Don’t forget to enter and head to The Creative Mom tomorrow to read Natalie’s post about leaving your baby for the first time with a sitter. Take a look at the picture below and comment which prize you hope to win!

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29 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Help Keep Your Children Safe In Today’s World With Owlet Baby Care

  1. Savanna this was such a great post!! This is so important I think, especially for first time mothers that may feel overwhelmed in today’s world. 🙂

  2. This is an amazing post! I’m becoming a first time mom (lil baby is still in the incubator) and I already feel incredibly protective over my first little girl! I’ve already gotten negative feedback about how I’d like to approach certain things, but you’re making me feel much better! The Owlet would be a huge help when I am asleep to act as an extra protection!!

  3. I’d love to win the owlet monitor! My sweet baby will be here any day now, and I want to make sure he’s kept safe in every possible way!

  4. My husband and I are heavy sleepers and we are expecting our first baby (a Boy!) in December. Winning an Owlet would help ease my mind so I can rest while baby rests!

  5. I hope to win the owlet baby monitor. We had friends that lost their baby to Sid’s an we were petrified to let our baby sleep alone. Now we have a toddler that will not sleep alone with a new baby due very soon. This owlet monitor would be such a huge piece if mind an help to get our new baby sadly sleeping in the crib from day one . Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Great post! I would love to win the owlet. I think it would help us sleep soundly once our twins arrive.

  7. My husband and I are getting ready to begin the adoption process and would love to win the owlet monitor for peace of mind for the day we bring our baby home

  8. The Owlet monitor is definitely at the top of my baby wishlist right now! We’re having a baby girl next month and we found out she has a brain condition that will cause intractable seizures, but we don’t know when they could start. I’ll probably have a hard time sleeping as a new mom anyway, but add that onto my list of worries?! Forget about sleep… At least the Owlet would alert us to when she might be having a seizure so we can make sure nothing else happens to her during an episode. Anything that reduces worry even a little bit is worth it!

  9. The owlet baby monitor!! my husband is an obgyn and Im a family doctor, we are having our first baby and we always dream as practicing doctors to take all this technology home, to the safety of our children, with the owlet baby monitor we can, without looking like crazy parents, i hope we can use it soon, there are a lot of bumps in my husband private practice that will be crazy to hear about.

  10. My son and daughter-in-law are having a baby in December. It has been a long road for them to get pregnant, that has had some stress filled moments. I love the thought of giving them some peace of mind once the baby is here!

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