A Challenge Of Healing – The Heart Chakra (Crystals)

A Challenge Of Healing – The Heart Chakra (Crystals)

Here we are, halfway through this challenge. I am amazed at how spiritually awakening this has been. These past few weeks while I have kept my challenges in mind very often, I do not know if I have truly been prioritizing them. I plan to make a push for this second half to truly prioritize this healing. Now to learn about this weeks focus – the heart chakra. (To read my re-cap of my focus on the solar plexus chakra click here and scroll to the bottom.) Located in the center of the chest near your heart and represented by the color green, the heart chakra is responsible for our emotional self. Love, joy, harmony, spirituality, acceptance. When it is not balanced you may be isolating yourself from others and feeling lonely, feel selfish, jealous, and unworthy, and it takes a toll on all of your relationships.

Confession time – I have been looking into the healing powers of crystals for some time now and am so intrigued! I am going to try crystal healing for the balancing of my heart chakra this week! After some searching I have found quite a few crystals that can aide in the heart chakra healing and as tempting as it is to go buy them all right away I am sticking with rose quartz, emerald, and sodalite. (I’ll go over my reasoning’s for each in a moment.)

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I had to do quite a bit of reading to learn exactly what needed to be done, which is appropriate considering my heart chakra is nowhere near balanced, I need to put as much work into it as possible. After cleansing and dedicating your crystals, pick a method of healing to use. Whether that be keeping them in your home, wearing them, or laying on stone (I hope to experience this with a Reiki one day), look into each and find what feels right for you. Simply keeping them in a little bag and carrying around you little “crystal cocktail” will do the trick. By connecting with the energies you have dedicated to your crystals, you heal from the stresses you have been suffering from.

My choice of crystals – search for “heart chakra crystals” and you will likely find hundreds of crystals that can aide in that healing. Each crystal has it’s own “specialty” if you will, and many share similar traits. This is all about finding the crystals that connect with you and hold the energies that you are looking for.

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Rose quartz is a huge one for the heart chakra and you will likely find it connected to this chakra in any book or site you read. Rose quartz has strong qualities of love – whether you are searching for it, mending a broken heart, learning to love yourself, or working on a connection with another soul. Fitting considering the chakra we are working on right?! It is a feminine, nurturing, and maternal stone; as you use it in your healing you can think of it as a counselor, guiding your heart.

Emeralds are green, the heart chakra is represented by the color green. Great start already! Emeralds will help you let go of the negative energy your heart is holding on to. In return, you begin open to, and emerald helps draw in, success, positive energies, strength, and attracts love. Think of it as that little ray of sunshine friend who doubles as your therapist and matchmaker.

Sodalite flips over to the spiritual side of the heart chakra responsibilities. Sodalite is a very strong stone with strong vibrations. It helps you to live up to your ideals as well as stimulates your creativity. This stone connects you with physic abilities and the understanding of tarot and astrology which I found super interesting because I had my cards read right after I picked up these stones! I think of sodalite as your secret weapon to living a life you are happy with.

I look forward to this week and I hope that if you have been curious about crystal healing as well you take this as your chance to dive in!

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Try This – Don’t take my word that these crystals work for the heart chakra, simply because they may not be exactly what you need! (Unless you felt a connection when you were reading about it.) Do a quick search, say you are looking to mend a broken heart, your search would be “crystals for a broken heart”. In a matter of seconds, you have scanned over a list of at least 20 crystals. Head into your local crystal shop and let your soul take over. See what stones it connects with. Keep in mind that list and see if you connect with crystals that were on there. Buy 3-5 without looking anymore into them. Once you’re home do another search. Let’s say you picked up a rose quartz, your search would be “rose quartz for a broken heart”. Read about what it can do for you, you’ll be amazed how perfectly your stones fit into exactly what you need for that broken heart. Your soul knows what it’s doing. That’s exactly what I did with the three stones above!

*Recap – this week was amazing! I wore my rose quartz all week and had my other two stones with me nearly all the time. Keeping in mind that I had these beauties on my side I conquered many existing issues and learned how well I work with crystals. They will most certainly be used here on out!

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