A Challenge Of Healing – The Throat Chakra (Tips For An Ambivert)

If you didn’t read last weeks post on the heart chakra, click here to catch up! I worked with crystals for the first time and it was an amazing experience. So amazing, that I have been drawn to them for this week’s challenge as well!

The throat chakra is located in your throat (wouldn’t have guessed that right?) and is represented by the color blue. This is a cool one guys – it is connected to your self expression and communication skills to name a couple. This is easy enough to spot when in need of healing – difficulty expressing yourself, feelings of doubt and anxiety, as well as having a hard time communicating with others.

I spent a lot of my life as the “quiet one”. I was shy and reserved and I went through bouts of it being worse than others. As I have grown into the role of motherhood, I have watched myself come out of that shell. I celebrate small victories daily such as making small talk with a waiter or cashier, voicing my opinion in a group, making a phone call, or going to events alone because for me, they were once impossibly tasks. I pride myself on not being so afraid of others anymore but there are days, weeks even, where I retreat and want to go back to my old ways of avoiding human contact in any way possible. Imagine my excitement when I realized that these moments of retreat are due to an imbalance of the throat chakra!

I do not think that I am alone in being a semi shy ambivert (introverted extrovert) – this post is for all of you that feel this way too! While I am placing my focus this week on clearing the throat chakra, I am also going to spend the week practicing little tips and tricks for when I find that my throat chakra is unbalanced and I am so excited to share them!

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Tips to Quickly Balance Your Throat Chakra

  • Drink a glass of herbal tea – think blue and purple when choosing your tea and drink plenty of water as well if the tea doesn’t do the trick.
  • Take a walk on a sunny day, let that blue sky take away your bad vibes.
  • Burn a candle or whip out your essential oils – scents such as lime, sage, champa, peppermint, tea tree and cedarwood are known for balancing your throat chakra. I’ll be talking more about aromatherapy later this week!
  • Hold the following yoga poses for five breaths – seated cat/cow, neck release, supported shoulder stand.
  • Carry around a crystal cocktail of apatite, blue lace agate, chrysocolla and sodalite (remember one is better than none and also if you are at your local crystal shop and you have set your intentions to heal your throat chakra, let your soul guide you to what may be best).

We got this ambiverts, my thoughts are with you this week!

Click here to read the following week’s post on the third eye chakra.



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