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Aromatherapy For Beginners With Zakiyah Candles

Y’all know I am a candle enthusiast. I am especially obsessed with Zakiyah Candles because they are soy which means it’s safe for my family and the environment! That is why I am so excited to use my candle stash for my newest obsession. Aromatherapy.

What is aromatherapy? Holistic healing of your body and soul through scent and / or touch.  

What is holistic? Seeing the whole picture in everything you do rather than addressing a single aspect.

We all practice aromatherapy throughout our lives, often without even realizing it! Have you had a massage before? Aromatherapy. Have you used essential oils? Aromatherapy. I could go on and on but instead I am going to teach you a few ways to use candles to treat life’s stressors!


Here’s a quick guide on what candles to use for various situations:

  • Stressed and / or unable to sleep – lavender
  • Mental fatigue and feeling lethargic – cinnamon
  • To uplift and revitalize – vanilla

Pro tip! Vanilla Cinnamon not only smells amazing but hits two birds with one stone. A must for anyone like me that has a hard time with the weather transitioning to winter.

*Keep in mind, there is another aspect to this and that is your memory. If a certain scent is tied to a memory with strong emotion, and it is a good emotion, by all means use that as well!

There is burning a candle and then there is burning a candle with intention. These scents on their own as well as any other forms of aromatherapy are amazing all on their own. However, you reap what you sow. When you burn a candle and set your intention that this is why you are burning it, you will benefit so much more. The mind is powerful. Once your intentions are set your mind and soul are soaking in those healing powers from the scents as much as they can because they have been commanded to do so. Another tip to gain as much as possible while practicing aromatherapy – do the appropriate activities. If you are needing help falling asleep, cleaning the house while burning your lavender candle is a bit counterproductive, likewise, laying around while burning your cinnamon candle is not going to do as much good. Maybe try to clean up a bit while doing so.

I hope you can take these tips and use them to enrich your lives. Before you head over to Zakiyah Candles to pick up the candles your body and soul need, here’s a code to use to get a FREE medium candle with your order. mwblog  Zakiyah hand picks which candle you’ll receive based on your order, such an exciting surprise! Be sure to check out her whole shop, she sells the candles I listed above as well as many others and her fall line just came out!


*active 2017 ~ “mwblog” no longer active, use code “savanna” at checkout!

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