A Challenge Of Healing – The Third Eye Chakra (Strengthening Your Relationship With Motherhood)

If you didn’t get the chance to read last week’s post on the throat chakra, click here to catch up! That one is definitely a must read for anyone who leans on the introverted side or even deals with depression or anxiety when it comes to going out or communicating with others.

This week’s focus is on the third eye chakra and I’ll be honest, I have been looking forward to this one since the day I decided to emerge myself in this challenge.

The third eye chakra, located between your brows and represented by the color indigo is the spiritual center for intuition, understanding the role you play in life, and so much more. I have to laugh because the people who need to clear this chakra the most are the ones who are not open to these practices. However, I also believe that at least every once in a while we can all benefit from a “cleansing” of each chakra. (Hence these weekly challenges.)

I almost think of this chakra as the spirituality chakra because it is tied so closely with psychic abilities, intuition, mindfulness, dreams, and purpose. Personally, as I have spent the last few months on this journey I have watched myself transform into a better mom and I look forward to seeing where it continues to take me. The practice of mindful motherhood (I will be talking about this in another post) is so closely tied to this chakra and so immensely benefits both yourself and your child.

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The third eye chakra is associated with light, aromatherapy is a great practice for healing this chakra in the simple aspect of lighting a candle and focusing on its flame for mediation. Healing with nature through soaking in the sun while meditating is another amazing form of healing.

Coming back to mindful motherhood, I wanted to make this week a crash course on how to use the third eye chakra to connect with your divine feminine and using that to strengthen your relationship with motherhood!

As a mother, a huge portion of your purpose here is to raise those little humans for greatness. I wanted to teach you ways to connect with that as well as ask for guidance on where else life is meant to take you – because we are all destined for great things outside of motherhood as well. Also, if you happen to be on a similar journey, take this opportunity to connect with your spirituality and intuition even deeper.

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Aromatherapy and meditation for the third eye chakra – meditation can work different for everyone, read up on it, try it out, and find what works for you. In this case however, you will be mediating to the flame of a candle. Light yourself a candle in a quiet area that you find peaceful. Focus on the flame as you meditate on any questions you may have, no matter how specific or general they may be.

Nature mediation for the third eye chakra – because the third eye chakra element is light, surrounding yourself with it is the best way to heal it. Find a spot, whether it be your backyard, a park, the beach, or the mountains and practice silence mediation, intentionally soaking in the light around you for your third eye chakra. Again, meditate on questions you may have as a mother or as a person.

Take time to do this often, think of it as a time out for mama (because we all need a time out every once in a while, let’s be honest). You can be alone or allow your children into this place. Allow yourself the availability to grant yourself that time. You deserve it.

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