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Tips For Raising A Wanderer

We are all born with a bit of wanderer in us. As day to day life wears on us, most of us slowly lose that beautiful sense of wonder. That excitement in the little things. That will to explore. Call me crazy but I wish for nothing more than for Tahlya to stay curious and wandering. If you’re anything like me, here are a few tips to nourish that wandering in your little one, to keep it strong even when the world around us wants to take it away.

  • Don’t say “no” so much. I am often guilty of this. I stress too easily and my first resort is to say no. However, when that is all a child hears, they eventually become reluctant to give something new a try. Pick your battles and let your kids be kids.


  • Let go of the leash a bit. We want nothing more than to keep our kiddos safe but as long as you keep your eyes on them and you’re not in a busy area, letting that little one wander off on their own is a good thing. They are learning independence and getting sensory play.


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  • Expose them to new places. Whether this be the children’s museum in town, the city a few hours away, or the state across the country, exposing your child to new people and places creates a sense of wanderlust and wanderlust in a child? That is a beautiful thing. No need to break the bank, mini road trips or new weekly activities mean the world to a tiny human.


  • Read to them. Reading opens up new worlds that can only be accessed through the pages of that book. The most simple and beautiful sense of being a “wanderer” comes from being a reader.


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We are raising the future and it may be a bit naive of me but isn’t is wonderful to think of a future of beautiful and kind wandering souls? What’s you biggest tip on keeping the adventurous spirit alive? I want to know!

Huge thanks to Precious Little Feet for sending these “steps to Utah” shoes to us all the way from Slovenia. They were hand painted for Tahlya and I’m in awe of their beauty! Check them out on Instagram to see more of their beautiful creations.



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  1. I love this! I’ve been working on getting out more. It takes a lot of energy and effort, but it’s helped my son learn faster and makes him curious to learn more.

    I love those shoes also!

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