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Vacation Recap – Tips To Rock An Amusement Park With A Toddler

We just came back from a wonderful vacation and although I missed my hardworking husband, I got to spend time with the rest of my family and it was great!

Before I get to some tips that were total lifesavers at the amusement parks, I wanted to highlight some of the best parts of the trip. My grandparents joined us at Disney and Universal, so it really may have been a once in a lifetime trip for my daughter to go with her great grandparents!


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I’ve been to Disney many times in my life but never at Halloween, as the sun set it truly became extra magical and right before that, Tahlya was so incredibly excited to meet Minnie Mouse, I wish we had caught the encounter on video. I worried she might be afraid but she just went right up to her, gave her a hug, and chatted a mile a minute. Totally an amazing moment as a mama! Experiencing Disney through a child’s eyes is the most beautiful thing.

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The following day we hit up Universal and I got to see Harry Potter world… I don’t know how many of you are Potter Heads but that was magical! Five Wild Hearts made the cutest shirts for Tahlya and I to wear and it made the whole thing even more magical.

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Whether you’re a fan or not, if you ever find yourself in Universal be sure to pick up a butterbeer!

Can I just say hands down that day made it into my top five of all time for sure?! The only thing that could have made it better would have been having my husband there, poor Tahlya would ask for him constantly. We even passed a pretend phone booth and she insisted on going inside and calling “daddy”, all the feels!

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The day before we left Tahlya, myself, my mom and my sister drove to Santa Monica to enjoy a few hours at the beach.

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I don’t know what it is about piers filled with all sorts of people, music, and a view of the ocean but I always get all sorts of inspired. I made a few promises aimed towards myself, my family, and this little space of the internet while I was there. I won’t share them, at least not yet, but I sure would encourage you to grab a cup of tea and find some alone time to truly evaluate where you are in life and where that is in comparison to where you hope to end up. Figure out what needs to be done to get you there.


Here we go… are you ready for this? After visiting two theme parks two days in a row I am feeling like quite an expert. If you’re hitting up one while your child is a toddler, study these next few lines, you’ll be grateful haha!

Tips To Rock An Amusement Park With A Toddler

  • Bring ALL the snacks. Plan on buying something new for that kiddo to try to keep things interesting, but for the sake of your wallet and their health, bring along plenty of your own snacks. Little candies like smarties and organic suckers were great while we were waiting in extra long lines.
  • Settle for no less than the perfect bag. We brought a stroller which was great for carrying snacks for seven people, but I fit some snacks, diapers, wipes, frozen water bottles, an extra outfit, etc. in my bag. Newlie carries the most fantastic multi-purpose bags and you don’t even need a kid to benefit from all it’s wonderfulness! Click here for 10% off any bag, but I definitely recommend the Louise!

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  • Bring along several frozen water bottles. My Newlie bag has a large insulated pocket, packing in frozen water bottles ensured we would have something refreshing to drink and I kept Miss Tahlya hydrated and happy!
  • Don’t try to jam pack your schedule. If you try to fit in every ride, every show, get every fastpass, you’re going to be miserable and can I tell you a secret? So will your kid. They’re happy to be there, they don’t know they’re missing out on ride xyz and they probably don’t care. Let yourself relax, enjoy the atmosphere and allow yourself and your children to be human.

Most importantly…

  • Remember that meltdowns will happen. It’s hot, you’re outside nearly all day, there are lines to wait in and treats that won’t be purchased. Toddlers are prone to meltdowns even on a normal day. Don’t let it ruin your mood, they’ll be back to normal in a matter of hours or minutes.

Do you have any tips I must remember next time Tahlya and I face a theme park? Please let me know!


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