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IUD Horror Story – My Path To Finding A Natural Pregnancy Preventer

*This post is about my personal experience with the Mirena IUD. Many people have positive experiences with this form of birth control.

I’m about to get so real here so put on your big girl pantys and let’s talk about birth control.

My very first experience with birth control began about two years ago, after my daughter was born. I was in a unique situation where I could get nearly any form of birth control of my choice without paying a dime but my time to decide was limited to a few weeks. After reading up on different types of birth controls I went with the hormonal IUD. It seemed like the best of the best. It’s said to lessen cramps, be 99% affective, and can stay in for years. Sure, I read about the side affects but didn’t think too much of it, everything has side affects these days right? You take what you can get.

Fast forward two years and I’ve been pretty miserable. Sure, life in general has been good and I’ve gone through amazing experiences with self love and confidence building but something has always been off. I have had this unique experiance of not feeling connected with my body. Hating my body even. Not for its phyiscal appearance but for what was going on behind the scenes, underneath the skin. After really diving into what could be causing this feeling and really tuning in with my body, I decided I needed to go back and reevaluate my IUD. Sure enough, as I looked up the side affects, I realized there is a very high chance that my IUD is behind the majority of these awful symptoms/side affects I have been living with. My body wasn’t totally in check during pregnancy, and going straight to an IUD after birth never gave me a chance to rebalance. In all honesty, I can hardly remember life before being all out of whack.



Let’s go over some of the less serious, more common side affects of an IUD –

Irregular menstrual periods? CHECK. I was under the impression that my period would nearly go away, but I am spotting the majority of the month.

Back pain? Check, hmmm.

Headaches and nervousness? Check to the yes.

Moderate depression? Check.

Bloating? Oh man yes.

Breast tenderness or pain? Yes and it’s awful.

Weight gain or inability to lose weight? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

And the most devastating?

Loss of interest in sex? Sadly… check.

And people! That is just the beginning.

Being the person that I am, looking for the light in all that I do, I knew there had to be a better choice. Without a clear idea of what exactly I was going to do next as far as pregnancy prevention was concerned , I made an appointment to get this thing taken out of me. Luckily, the day of my appointment, my doctor had to rush out for an emergency delivery. This appointment fell the week before our California vacation and that morning I stumbled upon several articles talking about the Mirena crash. Something I will likely experience in the next couple of weeks after my IUD is taken out today.




Back to the positive, this story has a happy ending. I found a pregnancy preventer that leaves me in charge, empowered and drug free! And I cannot wait to share it with you.

Thanks for reading part one of this three part series, what experiences have you had with birth control? Good or bad? I want to know!

*All photography done by Shelby Larios Photography.


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14 thoughts on “IUD Horror Story – My Path To Finding A Natural Pregnancy Preventer

  1. Oh honey! I’m so sorry you had such a horrible experience with the Mirena iud. I was contemplating using this one after giving birth but I’m still so undecided because I’ve also heard such bad things as well as a few good things. I’m almost considering to just play it safe and old school using contraceptives such as condoms and also natural planned parenthood. Can’t wait to read the rest of your series! Hope you’re feeling so much better after this. Hugs to you, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much mama! I appreciate your love. It is a hard decision and I think that many people downplay how important of a decision it is. I hope you’ll read the rest of the series because I’ll be introducing my solution, maybe it will end up being what is right for you too!

  2. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series! I use to have the paragard IUD before I had my 1st son and it was alright, (heavy periods). Now I’m just taking birth control pills and I just wish there was a better option. I don’t want the IUD anymore cause I keep hearing stories so I rather keep away. Glad you have found a solution can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

    1. I chose against Paragard because of the idea of heavy periods (I had awful ones pre-pregnancy). and I have never used pills, I am definitely excited to share the rest of my journey with you so that you can decide if this path is right for you too!

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