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The Daysy – My Path To Finding A Natural Pregnancy Preventer

Read part one here.

*This post was sponsored by Daysy USA, all opinions are my own.

I’m back and I am so excited to continue sharing my story. When I posted my introduction about a week back I never expected such an overwhelming response and I certainly never expected that so many of you have been dealing with or dealt with such similar issues as far as birth control is concerned. Reading all the stories on my Instagram post had my heart hurting for each and every one of you as well as a huge longing to continue sharing my story so that maybe I could help just one of you onto this path of natural pregnancy prevention if it is right for you.

So without further ado, let me introduce the Daysy!



In better words, Daysy is an ovulation tracker and it uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle. I came across Daysy just by chance. I stumbled upon their Instagram page within days of making the decision to take my IUD out. Intrigued, I read their entire site through and through, trying to find something about this little device that could be flawed, but I couldn’t find a thing. The people over at Daysy are extremely transparent about what their device does and I was digging it.

To save you some time, let me explain. Every morning before getting out of bed you take the little top off your Daysy and stick it under your tongue. Daysy gets your Basal temperature and after it gets to know your body and patterns will indicate –

Green: good to go, you will not get pregnant today

Yellow: I am still learning about you / cycle fluctuations

Red: unless you are planning for a baby, today is a no go

Red flashing: I believe you are ovulating today

Side note – there is also a purple light along the ring that will flash when Daysy believes you are on your period, you either confirm it, or ignore it.

Cool right?! From that you may gather that yes, this cute little device can also be used as a fertility tracker when trying to get pregnant.

Daysy stores all this data and soon enough knows you better than you know yourself, you can sync this all up with an app because isn’t everything better when there is an app for it?



So, naturally, I reached out, thinking it would be a total long shot! But sure enough, I heard back. And I understand why now, this is bigger than me, there are so many women who deserve to at least be educated about their options.

My Daysy arrived in the mail and just a couple days later I had my IUD removed and could finally get started with my Daysy. As expected from getting the IUD removed, I have been experiancing a “crash” of sorts. My hormones are working to rebalance themselves and I have been a moody wreck among other things. It has been an amazing light at the end of the tunnel to know that I am free now and I cannot wait for my body to figure itself out so that Daysy can begin giving me clear red and green days!

Sure, I won’t exactly be clear to have sex whenever I want without being careful but I am finally in control, and that control and freedom is an invigorating sense that I never knew I was missing when modern medicine was controlling my body. I guess that’s a choice we all have to make.

(Stay tuned for a check in on my Daysy in February(CLICK HERE), after my body has balanced and Daysy has gotten to know me and my cycles.)


4 thoughts on “The Daysy – My Path To Finding A Natural Pregnancy Preventer

  1. Every girl on my husbands side has chosen to go this route. None of them take birth control as their side is more holistic. It’s one of the many things I am grateful for about marrying my husband. It opened my eyes to a world I would have never known, coming from a rehab nurse and total supporter of modern medicine.

    From what I’ve heard, my sister-in-laws have not gotten pregnant if they followed the advice of the device. (Haha that rhymed ☺️) Anywho, I’ve personally never tried this device or others like it, and now wish I would have. After having four kids very close together, I felt my only option to not get pregnant, was to get an IUD. While I don’t have the hormonal one, I still have the copper one, which has also made me feel uneasy since I read your post about taking yours out. It has made me second guess and realize, especially the lack of sex drive–who knows if that’s truly from my IUD or just cause I’m mainly a single mom of four during the weeks, haha– but regardless, it made me question, and I’m grateful for that.

    So thank you for being so real and raw and helping me better understand my options for the future. Love you much girly and I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplised these last 6 months. You’re are living your dream we talked about a year ago and I am so happy for you! XOXO

    1. Amanda,

      I love that they use Daysy as well! I definitely think you should give it a try, (unless your tubes are tied, then it may be too late lol) because this feeling of freedom is amazing.
      I would not be surprised at all if your IUD is causing some of those side affects, but day to day life could very well be playing a part in that hahaha!
      Thank you for your love and for sharing all of that, much love girl!

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