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5 Tips For Keeping Your Soul In Tip Top Shape

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You know those weeks when ideas are just flooding into your mind so fast and you would normally get overwhelmed but instead it’s just exciting? That’s been this past week or so for me.
So many wonderful ideas are brewing for Modern Wanderer and so many past ideas are finally being kicked into gear. I wrote about my seasonal depression a little while back and since then have been using whole food supplements to deal with it and I swear I’ve been more productive than ever!

I wanted to share a bit about what’s going on and give some tips to putting your soul into tip top shape today.
First off, what’s new with Modern Wanderer? I won’t share too much but I will say this, be on the lookout for a newsletter signup because those who sign up will be the first to know about Modern Wanderer’s new ventures for 2017! To share a little insight, I followed an exercise I’ve done in the past to help myself truly narrow down what I want to focus on and shape Modern Wanderer into over this next year. I think this is a wonderful exercise for anyone, whether you’re a blogger, business owner, student, mother, etc. Sit down, draw a flower. Give the flower five huge petals (or a star, or conversation bubble, or even a circle split into fifths, whatever floats your boat). Fill each petal / section with one topic or emotions that you want to base your site / life on. The things you want people to think of when they think of you. For some it may be tough to get up to five and for others it may be hard to narrow it down. If you’re one with many to narrow down from, create that list on the side and use the process of elimination to get to five. I say five because it truly is the perfect number. Enough areas to stay well balanced and relatable, but not so many that you’re cluttered and hard to get a read on.

I had a little over five to chose from and the five I chose may shift as it has in the past but here’s what you can count on from Modern Wanderer –

Holistic Living / Simplicity
Raw empowerment
I won’t spill anymore so be sure to be on the lookout for that newsletter!

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That exercise is my first tip for keeping your soul in tip top shape. It’s almost like the beginning of a mission statement. Those subjects are not only my focus for Modern Wanderer but my focus for my life. I believe it is so important to have some sort of mission statement for your life. Doing so helps you know where you’re going and what to truly focus on through all the noise. Having a life mission statement gives you a sense of belonging and meaning.

Keep your home clean. I like to think that the space you live in is the window to your soul. If it is messy and disorganized you likely feel disorganized and out of control. I let my home get into disarray last month and doing so left me feeling sluggish for weeks. As I finally got out of that funk and began organizing I immediately began to feel a sense of control and even confidence again. Whenever I enjoy being in my home I feel my that soul is more content.

That being said leads me to my next tip. Turn your house into a home. This is your space to recharge. If you do not enjoy being there you can never truly recharge your mind, body and spirit. Allow your home to become your sanctuary, invest in it as well as yourself.

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Yes, invest in yourself. In yourself and your self care. You don’t even necessarily need a routine in place so long as you are setting aside at least a minimal amount of time for yourself each day. One day that might mean a solo bath, another it may mean morning yoga before anyone else is up, and another may mean having a solo shopping trip and picking yourself up a treat. Self care does not have to be elaborate. I cannot stress that enough. Of course ideally we would get an hour or so each day for yoga, meditation, bubble baths, and healthy delicious meals, but that just isn’t the case in this busy world. Realize that and allow yourself to find time everyday to care for yourself.

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The last tip I will leave you with is something I just recently have realized, and have had a bit of a hard time coming to terms with. Embrace yourself, your needs, and your body. Your soul and body are two pieces of a puzzle, they are different but fit hand in hand to make a whole. We as human beings crave attention but media tells us, especially as mothers, that we must fit under this umbrella of the cookie cutter version of motherhood. I let that happen for a long time but I felt something was missing. I loved being a mother but missed being me. I missed feeling attractive and I missed letting myself bask in that. Part of that was not only feeling comfortable and confident in what I wear but being okay with feeling “sexy” in what I wear. Crazy as it sounds, I needed that. And my soul suffered lacking from it and the confidence that it provides. Whether your needs are similar to or different from mine, don’t be afraid to break that mold and let them be met. I leave you with this – We are beautiful and unique beings and it is time we not only celebrated that but gave our souls the love and nourishment that they need. I wish you a week of soul balancing and self love.


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