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Consciously Made Products For The Ones Who Matter Most

*This post was sponsored by SoCozy, all opinions are my own.

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been the best mom. I have been focusing so hard on giving my body the nutrients it needs, filling it with natural products, and finding natural alternatives for our home that I haven’t been working on the most important switch. The products I use for Tahlya. Call me crazy but I am a strong believer that the main stream toxic products we are using on our children from the moment they are born has a very close relation to the rise in many disabilities of today’s youth.

Be on the lookout for a lineup in the next couple weeks for some amazing consciously made companies for yourself, your children and home in a few weeks but first, I want to introduce you to one of my newest favorites.

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SoCozy is a hair line made specifically for kids and was started by a mama who saw the need for better hair products for children. From 2 in 1 formulas, to styling gel, to a three step system to keep lice away. There seriously is something for every child.

Tahlya was born was gorgeous curly hair and although it has toned down to more of a loose wave, I have been doing everything I can to keep that from going away. Hence the curl shampoo and conditioner. I have always had a hard time buying shampoo and conditioners made specifically for a certain type of hair because it always seems that they do more damage than good. That is especially hard when her hair is quickly on its way to reaching her bum, I want it healthy and strong! Reading through the key ingredients left my natural loving soul beaming. Keratin, plum seed oil, olive oil, mango seed butter, rice protein, papaya extract. Even better? No parabens, sulfate, or synthetic color.

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And possibly even better than the shampoo and conditioner? The detangler / leave-in conditioner I received as well. My poor crazy child gets the most tangled hair. I’m sure she’ll thank me for this stuff and well, the scent is fruity-tutti, I may just use it myself! Again, all that non-toxic goodness because the entire line is that way!

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The decision to fill your home and child’s life with natural products is a personal one. Some have been doing it for years, some (like me) have just recently began the switch, and some aren’t ready yet. It can be hard from each stand point to see why you would / wouldn’t do it, I get it. The biggest thing that has held my family back is finances. Sadly, natural, ethical, non-toxic brands are often more expensive because they are more expensive to make. And maybe that won’t always be the case. I wish for a world where natural products are mainstream and easily accessible. Call me a dreamer, I probably am. But I want more, I want better for my family. I work in a field where I learn daily how important this lifestyle is. I watch lives change from making the switch, and I look forward to continuing to share my raw journey with y’all. If you have favorite brands that I should know about please share, I am like a sponge soaking all of this in!

And to end on a lighter note –

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Use this SoCozy store locator to see where you can find SoCozy in a store near you. Happy Wednesday y’all!


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