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A Guide To Simplifying Christmas

Christmas, it’s “The most wonderful time of the year” right? I have never been too into the holiday but after becoming a mom I find myself digging it more and more each year. However, it always seems to become the busiest time of year filled with stress and unnecessary stuff. If you’re anything like me and think we need to bring the simple message of love back into Christmas, this post is for you. I’m keeping this guide fairly short and well… simple, because isn’t that what it’s all about?

The Guide To A Simple Christmas


When you think of Christmas decor what do you imagine? For me it’s always been a large, full tree, garlands all over, and red & green trinkets covering every inch of the house. And honestly, it has always stressed me out. I’ve decided on a little rule of thumb, being able to count my Christmas decor on my ten fingers or so.

Here’s the extent of our decor this year!

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Aren’t these stockings the cutest?! They were sent to me from The Ginger Cotton Shop.


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Gifts for the children –

A new tradition we have decided to start with Tahlya for Santa presents is for her to pick “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” and then another toy or two from mom and dad. When I first heard this idea I fell in love with not only the simplicity of it, but the mere fact that it teaches our children to truly to be grateful for what you receive and not let Christmas revolve around all of the stuff they will get.

Here’s a couple gift ideas for those littles whether you decide to go with this idea or not!

Something you want –

Little Sapling Toys has the cutest and most timeless toys in their shop, not to mention that for every toy bought they plant a tree. A shop I can feel good about! I mean, look at these blocks they made for Tahlya!

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Something to wear –

ThredUP y’all! I love shopping secondhand and ThredUP has always been my main for it. I’ve gotten the best finds on here, I don’t remember the last time I bought clothes for Tahlya that weren’t from here. They’ve given me an awesome discount code for you to use, 50% off first-time purchases of Gap items up to a $50 discount! Score! Click here and use code “GAP50“.

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Something to read –

Bookroo is the best subscription service for children. New books each and every month all wrapped individually in the best wrapping paper. Whether it’s for your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews I really don’t know what parent wouldn’t be happy about their littles receiving this subscription for Christmas! Tahlya loves board books, I can’t wait for her to open these up.


Gifts For Everyone –

As cliche as it may sound, candles are the way to go. Not only candles but SOY candles. They aren’t toxic like traditional candles and it’s hard to go wrong giving them as gifts. Zakiyah Candles is my go-to gal and you can use code “mwblog” for a free medium candle with your order so you can have one too! The last day to order is December 14th so hop on it!

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Most importantly –

Don’t overwhelm yourself. I know it’s easy to let parties and potlucks and presents become a mountain of things to do but honestly, they don’t have to be that way. Remember when you were younger and you were just along for the ride, down for anything, and happy as long as there was some good food? Channel that younger self, and enjoy this holiday season. Simple wins. What are you doing this holiday season to keep it simple?


19 thoughts on “A Guide To Simplifying Christmas

  1. I’ve not heard that rhyme, “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.” LOVE IT! Great guidelines for choosing gifts!

  2. I love this! I always end up stressed out and can’t enjoy the season. I love the idea of minimal decor too! I actually just published a post about being present during this busy season.

  3. I love your Christmas decor its so beautiful especially the wreath and the book subscription club for kids sounds perfect. Simplifiying Christmas is such a beautiful thing. Focusing on the important things.

  4. I LOVE everything you mentioned and the thought behind simplifying Christmas. I want to incorporate that tradition that you mentioned – so meaningful and intentional. I’m also interested in Bookroo for my toddler. I think it will be a good way to get him interested in books. Thanks for sharing, babe!

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