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The Modern ((And Amazing)) Alternative To Christmas Cards

We never got around to Christmas cards this year, I tell Luis it’s because we have no friends to send them too *cue laughs*.

But hey, we did something even better! Mid December I met up with the cutest and sweetest videographer in Utah! Devinee filmed my little family having fun at the gorgeous Peterson Family Farm (I’ll probably never get over how cute it is there) and I have to say, I pick this little slice of our life over Christmas cards any day.

I have been dying to show it off, so here it is! Didn’t she do amazing?! This is such a treasure to have and show Tahlya as she gets older. She’s already made us watch it 10 times in a row!


I’m incredibly awkward on camera (okay and real life) but I still love this gem!

Maybe a new tradition over here? What do y’all think of lifestyle videos? I simply adore them!

You can see more of Devinee’s work on Vimeo and see her and her cute life on Instagram. She has a website coming soon, check her out!

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