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The Real, Raw & Ugly – 10 Blogging Truths

It took 15 months but in December I hit a huge milestone on my favorite platform, Instagram. 10,000 followers! Right before signing off for the year I got to celebrate and I have been looking forward to celebrating here too!

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In honor of reaching the big 10K, I wanted to share some blogging truths.

For those of you who are bloggers already, let me know what I missed, and just know I am both laughing and crying with you as you read along.

Potential bloggers, delving into this space has done so much for me, but it’s not as easy as it seems when you do a couple searches on “how to be a successful blogger” just know, whatever you go through, I have probably hit that wall before too, I’m here for you!

  1. No, you will not hit a 6 figure income in a year. – Sure, you’ll read a post about it or you may even pay for a course. But these people often start with money they can invest and are able to dive head first into this gig.
  2. Bloggers are a lot like high school cliques. – Crazy, right?! I may never understand why, we all know the hustle. But bloggers are super cut throat, especially if you aren’t in their clique *cough cough* I mean, niche.
  3. You will change entirely. – If you dive into this blogging world you’re bound to change. For good or bad. In my case, I have come out of my shell, grown as a person, and am driven to help others do the same. But you’ll come across some bloggers so far up their self made throne that they can no longer see the ground they started from.
  4. A lot of brands will turn you down. – I honestly thought I was alone in this but as I talked to blogging friends I realized it happens all the time. Especially as you start to ask for compensation. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your blog, it just wasn’t meant to be at the time.
  5. But, you’ll get a lot of awesome collaborations as well. – When you land the collaboration you’ve been dreaming of, nothing feels better. Seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world. Even better when their PR contact is super nice!
  6. It’s not all about the money. – Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t all about the money you make. Readers want to see the real you, and if you’re working with a company the fits in your niche, you can easily be real and raw! But they want lifestyle posts as well, show us more!
  7. Your “real life” friends probably won’t support you. – Sure in the beginning they’ll read your blog but it will likely become something on their to-do list that they never get around to. The people you meet along the way will become your biggest supporters. (Oh and you’re parents if they’re even half as awesome as mine.)
  8. Networking will become your BFF. – There seriously is no way to succeed without networking. Networking with brands, other bloggers, anyone. It goes hand in hand with blogging.
  9. You will make some lifelong friends. – Whether they be fellow bloggers or the face behind a shop, you will meet some amazing people on this journey. My best friends are people across the country who I would have never met had I not bought my first domain a little over a year ago. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  10. Your blog will ALWAYS be in the back of your head. – Your brand becomes your baby. With everything you do, you will be thinking about your blog. Watching it grow is more satisfying than nearly anything. If you’ve just began this journey, welcome. We are excited to have you.

For real bloggers, it’s your turn now. What have I missed? What hit the nail right on the head? #Blogger4Life


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21 thoughts on “The Real, Raw & Ugly – 10 Blogging Truths

  1. I’ve seen the dark side of #2 especially when you see bloggers have their friends also attack another blogger online. It can be really harsh and disturbing. It’s horrible. But I’ve also sent people in other communities really make friends and inspire one another. Hopefully more people do inspire or create good friendships rather than tear one another down.

  2. So much truth! For the most part, the bloggers I’ve interacted with have been awesome, but there are always a few that aren’t. However, I’ve loved getting to know people I’ve never met because of blogging and it’s definitely helped me grow.

  3. Congratulations on 10K!! And yes, you do speak the blogging truth! I FORCE myself to take a day off on the weekend because I literally cannot stop thinking about my blog! The strugggggle

  4. Ugh number 1! I have so many people ask me how they can make money if they start a blog. I usually tell them not to expect it! I’ve worked hard over the last three years and am just starting to make a semi regular income.

  5. Love this! I’m a new-ish blogger and my favorite on the list is the friendships I’m already seeing grow. I love the blogger communities & mentors I feel God has put in my path. Amazing! I’m energized by them and all I’m learning, all the knowledge & content & encouragement that is shared. It’s amazing. I’m thankful for the blogging world.

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