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How To Make A BIG Adventure Out Of A Quick Getaway

If you follow along on social media you may have seen a couple highlights from this past weekend’s girls roadtrip. My mom, sister, Tahlya & I drove from Salt Lake to Saint George and then to LA. We weren’t gone for long, and we didn’t go too far, but we had a great time!


I think many of us believe we need a big, long, event filled vacation with lots and lots of money spent for it to be perfect and that’s simply not true. As I’m sure my fellow wanderers know, you can make the biggest adventures out of the smallest getaways. Here are a few tips to help make that happen. Let yourself travel and experience new things this year, don’t let time or money stop you, a cheap weekend getaway could very well become the best vacation you’ll ever have!

How To Make a BIG Adventure Wherever You Go

  • Find good company. Traveling alone isn’t for everyone. Bringing along your favorite people can make an ordinary time extraordinary!
  • Look into year passes/memberships. If you’re heading somewhere with an amusement park check out your local club (ie Costco, Sam’s Club) to see if they have year passes available. They’re often discounted real low (make sure you check what blackout days you have so you don’t try to visit on those) so you can go back again and again!

  • But also.. do your research! Look into what the locals do, where they eat & what the best free activities are wherever you’re headed.
  • Try out a unique hotel or motel. I LOVE the comfort and fanciness of a good hotel chain and I probably will never stop staying at them but mix those stays in with some independent hotels/motels. You’ll likely save some cash and you may just find a perfect little gem like we did.

What tips would you add? I think most importantly, I would say to not try to make it the best vacation ever. The laid back, semi spontaneous adventures can be the best of all.



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10 thoughts on “How To Make A BIG Adventure Out Of A Quick Getaway

  1. Great post. Little mini getaways are my preferred travel. Love your perspective to not make it the best trip ever…that way we can take the stress out of it. Intrigued with your book club… Thanks Savannah!

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