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Natural Birth Control? ((Daysy Update & Commonly Asked Questions))

*This post was sponsored by Daysy USA, all opinions below are authentic.

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Let’s put those big girl panties back on today, we will be chatting about birth control and briefly, sex.

A couple months back I wrote about my new relationship with Daysy and why I was so infatuated with her. And as promised, I am back to share how our relationship is going thus far. We’re nearly three months in and the newlywed phase hasn’t ended. I am so grateful that we found each other. My hormones are regulating themselves since getting my IUD out and I am finally feeling like myself again! It is insane to me that my IUD affected my personality so much, I noticed it of course, but now that I am beginning to feel like normal again I am realizing just how different I had felt and had became.

For those of you just tuning in, Daysy is an ovulation tracker, it learns and tracks your menstrual cycle and leaves you w. a simple red (fertile), yellow (fluctuating) or green (not fertile) light every morning after you stick Daysy under your tongue so she can get your temperature.

So, you want to know, how has it really been.

Seriously y’all, AMAZING! I feel normal again, I have this wonderful sense of control over my body again. My body is producing hormones in its natural state w. nothing in the way to mess it up. I have forgotten a few mornings to take my temperature but just like starting any new habit, it takes time to form that habit! There is an app called DaysyView and you can set alarms to remind you to get your temperature every morning, great if you wake up at the same time each day but you can also plug your Daysy in and it will input all your data so you can look at your cycles and learn your regular patterns!

It took the Daysy a while to figure out my  body so I got mostly yellow days up until a few weeks ago but that totally makes sense. Daysy needs to go through a few cycles w. you to figure out how you work! To add to the wonderfulness I can flip around its use when we do try for a baby again.

I’ve become quite the advocate for letting your body run its natural course, that, quite simply, is what it was meant to do. Not only does traditional birth control mess that all up but nearly everyone feels the side affects! The Daysy is a bit of an investment but it is easily worth it and they are amazing about working with gals to figure out a payment plan, they’ve also given me a $25 discount for all my readers to use, scroll to the bottom to grab that!

I wanted to address a few super common questions/concerns I get when I tell people about Daysy…

“How accurate can it really be though?”

Super accurate actually! 99.3% – I like to use the analogy of using birth control pills. If you forget to take your pills all the time that probably skyrockets the accuracy down. If you are remembering to track your temperature w. Daysy every morning you are going to get your most accurate results!

“That’s cool, but I could never remember to use it every morning.”

But you remember to stay up on your current birth control, right? If this is something that interests you don’t let that silly excuse stop you. Seriously. Give your body the break it deserves, you’ll be grateful for it.

“Do you still use other protection?”

We have used condoms but now that Daysy has figured out my body, on green days I feel just fine going without.

Have any other questions, leave them below! And as promised, here is a $25 off code for your Daysy purchase – “WANDERER”(valid through July 31st 2017)

20 thoughts on “Natural Birth Control? ((Daysy Update & Commonly Asked Questions))

  1. I’ve never heard of this before. I remember trying to track my BBT when we were trying for our first baby and it was so stressful! This would take away a lot of the stress, which is key when you’re trying for a baby. 😉

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