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From A Newly Proclaimed Spa Regular – Why Treating Yourself Is Essential For Self Care

*I received complimentary treatments in exchange for this post, all opinions are entirely authentic.

I have very little experience w. massages and facials. When I partnered up w. Basalt Day Spa I knew I would be in for a treat but had no idea what to really expect. I am huge on self care and focus really hard on the small things I can do for myself, but never really thought too hard about what I could do to fill that self care tank so much quicker. After experiencing two hours of complete and total self care I’ve become quite the advocate for it! Everyone needs to give themselves the opportunity to be completely pampered and walk away w. enough self care in your tank to run around for a while! “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first!”

Jasmine & Amber, the owners of Basalt Day Spa created the ultimate Valentine’s Day package and were kind enough to let me experience it. Get this –

Aphrodite’s Retreat

60-min Heart Chakra Balancing Basalt Stone Massage with Rose Quartz
60-min Rosehip and Jasmine Nourishing Organic Facial

GAH! Seriously right up my alley y’all. But before I talk about my treatment I just had to cover something beautiful. The gals behind Basalt Day Spa created something magical. A place where you can come and get a completely rounded treatment. They have holistic views in that not only are they taking care of your body, they want to take care of your soul. The energy there is incredibly positive and strong and you can feel it in every inch of the spa and in every moment of their holistic, natural treatments.

The only way I can describe my massage was going into a meditative state, I never knew that would be possible! The idea of a hot stone massage scared me a bit, it always seemed painful… it was anything but that. Instead of using her hands, Jasmine used the hot basalt stones and rose quartz to massage me, and dare I say… it felt better than any massage I have ever received by hand?! I could ramble day in and day out about this haha.

Side note about what Jasmine & Amber have to say about Basalt stones (miracle stones I have decided to call them) “We believe that nature has so many healing properties and we love that the basalt stones are smooth and retain heat well since they are volcanic rock. This really helps penetrate the muscle and promote healing. The basalt stone massage not only feels amazing during the service, but the benefits are lasting.”

I headed to my facial next and was exposed to a type of treatment I never expected, all the natural yummy smelling products found their way onto my face and Amber “diagnosed” my skincare problems. We chatted about life, children and our passions, I wanted to head to brunch w. her and Jasmine after just to stay in their incredibly positive presences a bit longer.

There is something so moving about meeting people w. such similar mindsets to you, people who chase their dreams, people passionate about natural and holistic views, and people who support other local entrepreneurs in their boutique. The moment I left I wanted to come back, simply to soak in more energy from the spa. And I am! I totally got my husband on board and we are going back for Valentine’s Day, and a friend & I are heading back on the 11th for a mineral makeup makeover FREE event (contact them to grab your time slot!!)

I grabbed an amazing & INSPIRING interview from Jasmine and Amber about how they became so passionate about what they do, why they’ve chosen to approach every treatment holistically, and some AMAZING advice for those wanting to chase their dreams. I cannot even tell you how many times I have read through it with a smile on my face. I will be sharing that exclusive interview w. my newsletter members first thing tomorrow morning, so sign up below to get access to that and much much more!

What’s your spa experience been like? Oh and, who wants to join me on my next spa excursion? – I’ve self proclaimed myself as a regular already!

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10 thoughts on “From A Newly Proclaimed Spa Regular – Why Treating Yourself Is Essential For Self Care

  1. Massages are super essential to me. I didn’t get them too often before this pregnancy but they’ve helped with preggo pain, and problems from a car accident for sure. I agree that it leaves you in a peaceful state as if you’ve been meditating 🙂

  2. I loooove a good facial. It’s one of the only ways I’ve ever really relaxed because you just lay there with all the wonderful smells and feeling. It’s amazing. And I think it’s a great thing to take care of yourself regularly. When we treat ourselves with care and kindness, it makes us better people.

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing experience! I received a gift card years ago for a local spa and finally used some of it before our vacation last week, now I’m trying to figure out how I can fit a monthly spa trip into our budget, lol.

  4. I haven’t had a facial in years but I get massages regularly. My mom worked in a small when I was a teenager and I got to be a tester for new products and services sometimes. Your experience sounds amazing!

  5. I’ve never gotten to experience a day at a spa. So never had a massage or a facial.. the amazing things I’m missing out on. This sounds so relaxing and much needed. I know it’s necessary to treat ourselves and we all deserved it.

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