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Daughter’s Rising – Empowering At-Risk Girls

At the beginning of 2017 I shared some deeply personal thoughts I was having. Thoughts about a need to do more, to be more, to share and to inspire. The idea of having this influence and not doing everything I possibly can to spread light and goodness was too much for me. How could I NOT do that?! So, after sitting down and mapping out what this year could hold for me, I decided to take one huge plunge into something I don’t know a whole lot about. Working w. organizations that do all they can to make a difference in this world. I may not know what it takes to begin and run one, but I am good at something and that is writing, blogging, and social media. So with my new idea in mind for what Modern Wanderer could do I set out to find the perfect organization to begin this journey with. That’s when I came across Daughters Rising. Nothing hurts me more than knowing how many of my fellow women are hurting and in danger. But nothing makes my heart happier than organizations like Daughters Rising who do something about it. How could I not be so passionate about this heartbreaking subject, especially as a woman and mother?

What is Daughters Rising? They work w. communities in Thailand, where the human trafficking industry is, unfortunately, booming. They’ve discovered how important prevention is in addition the helping the survivors. Their mission “is to empower at-risk girls through education to end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of inter-generational poverty”. What I love most about this organization that they do just about everything. They educate women, show them the skills they need to succeed in the work field, educate locals on trafficking and how to prevent it, provide not only food and housing for women but activities for them, donate necessities, and have a shop for the women creating beautiful pieces to sell and make fair profits.

As I help spread the word over the span of this mini campaign (through March 31) I’ve committed to donating 15% of all blogging income to Daughters Rising, another small commitment to make but something that can benefit so many. We don’t realize the capabilities we have in such a privileged country to help these women. Get this – $250 provides a scholarship to keep a girl in school for a year – including tuition, uniform, supplies. $250!!! Even smallest of contributions make such a huge difference. Not to mention you also have the opportunity to purchase beautiful jewelry, clothing, and other accessories from the Daughter’s Rising shop.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram where I’ll continuing sharing why I’m so passionate about this organization as well as more of what they do and look out for part two of this post next month where I’ll have the chance to chat w. the amazing women behind Daughter’s Rising.

9 thoughts on “Daughter’s Rising – Empowering At-Risk Girls

  1. $250 goes such a long way!!! Wow! This sounds like an incredible organization. You are doing something amazing by partnering with them and I look forward to following the journey.

  2. Wow this is amazing! I have never heard of this group but I’m so happy you decided to partner with them. Your going to make an incredible difference.

  3. I wish people would realize how much this stuff happens in the U.S. as well. I grew up in Utah and 4 years ago my moms boyfriend sold me into human trafficking and it was in NY where I didn’t know anyone and never been there. Of course I love that there are programs like this but there aren’t very many to help victims in the U.S.

    1. Justyne, my heart ached for you as I read this. I agree we need more organizations right here because it happens all too often right in our backyard. I am so sorry you went through that but am so happy you are here to share today. We definitely must come together and demand that this be addressed more heavily here in the US. So much love to you.

  4. I love that you are doing this! Sounds like an amazing organization. My friend began working with a home for girls who were rescued from sex trafficking in Houston. As she was mentoring the girls she realized their need for better sleep, support for trauma and abuse healing and help with anxious feelings. She started using her essential oils to help them and it worked wonders so she started a non profit selling fair trade products to raise funds to buy the girls oils! It’s been amazing to watch her and help her as I am able! It’s called Release SARA if you’re interested!

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