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Small Easy Steps Towards A Holistic Lifestyle

A holistic lifestyle is one where you’ve chosen to do all that you do with intention. To know that every decision you make can affect more than just one area of your life. I know it may seem confusing, or expensive, or straight up difficult but the beauty in a holistic lifestyle is that it goes hand in hand with simplicity. There is nothing difficult about it and once you’ve committed to a holistic lifestyle you’ll see that the changes you make will in turn make your life much more simple.

Here are a few small steps to get started:

  • Eat whole foods & supplement what you aren’t getting from food. Processed food, fast food, etc are all so common but what is compatible with our body & what will benefit us most is whole foods. Buy fresh, organic, non GMO etc as much as possible. Our food is so nutrient depleted that it is nearly impossible to get what we need from food alone, hence the need to supplement.
  • Don’t just set goals, set intentions & surround yourself with affirmations. Goal setting is a great start but set your intentions. Tell your mind, body & soul what you want/need. Record positive affirmations and play them everyday or write them on little sticky notes all around the house. By surrounding yourself with all these good vibes you are bound to bring only that to yourself.
  • Pray and/or meditate to connect with higher beings. Spirituality is essential for pure happiness & ultimate growth. I believe it doesn’t matter so much who/what you worship rather that you’re doing any of it at all.

  • Look into seeing a life coach or getting energy work done. Both of these will require you to do most of the work and when you are the one doing the work/making the changes. Your growth becomes more permanent, not so much a quick fix. I have had both done and I highly recommend it to anyone.
  • Switch out your coffee for tea. Sure, coffee can have some health benefits but the benefits of drinking tea far outweigh those. To start and end your day with a cup of tea is like embracing yourself with a warm hug of good vibes, health & wellness.
  • Expand your mind with reading. I don’t just mean the occasional fictional love story (but yes, I sure love those too), I am talking about books that will help you with personal development, spirituality, etc. I found a lack of a community for this type of reading and that is why I created The Wandering Book Club. Whether you’re reading the book with me or not you receive weekly highlights and the occasional challenge to help you on this spiritual journey. Fill out the form below to join!


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These simple changes can be the catalyst to a healthier, happier lifestyle – and it doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as you are always trying, you are always growing. Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Small Easy Steps Towards A Holistic Lifestyle

  1. I love this! We have gotten really heavy into whole foods over the last few months and I can see a huge difference in mood and how my body feels. Thanks for sharing all these tips!

  2. I love this! One of my goals for my maternity leave is to get back to eating whole foods and to do WAYYY more cooking at home! You just never know what’s in all of the premade food you purchase.

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