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Five Points You Can Easily Remember & Implement About Self Love / Expression

*Thank you PinkBlush for providing the outfit in the photos below. Get the top (that I wore as a dress) HERE.

Self expression & self love are interchangeable terms. To truly love yourself you must come to a place where you can express your inner self outwardly. 

I haven’t been on earth for too long but I have spent a whole lot of time consciously on my journey to finding a comfortable place for self expression.

As I come up on celebrating twenty years of life I wanted to share the main points anyone on a self expression journey should know, remember & work on –

  • Except the fact that what you wear, your tattoos or lack there of piercings or lack there of hairstyle make up etc. will never please everybody. And that’s OK. The only person who needs to be pleased by what you do is yourself.
  • It’s OK to be in a place where you are still trying to figure out how to express your true self comfortably, some people are blessed with not caring what other people think as long as they are happy with themselves, if you’re anything like me it doesn’t come naturally, and it is hard work, and sometimes there are setbacks.
  • The way you feel best expresses yourself can change in an instant. One day you may feel that your true self must outwardly have 10 piercings wear ripped jeans and have purple hair, a few years from now that may completely change, at neither point in your life are you being fake, our attitudes ideals etc. are constantly changing so of course the styles we feel best express ourselves will change too!
  • Some days will feel better than others. That is simply human nature. Simply keep a positive mindset and the good days will be back before you know it,

That brings me to my last point…

  • Practice positive self talk. Even if you don’t love how your outfit looks today, even if you are itching to dye your hair and are hating how it looks right now, even if you don’t feel beautiful, tell yourself you are. Accept compliments, compliment yourself. The attitude you exude quickly become how you actually feel.


I choose to express myself through my tattoos, my constantly changing hair, and my neutral wardrobe. Much of my life was spent expressing myself through trends and what my group of friends leaned towards. When I realized that was what was happening – I realized what that void, that constant dread of getting dressed & picking an outfit was. I wasn’t expressing my true self outwardly and my soul suffered from it. Whether it be purging your closet, buying a few more pieces, trying out a new hairstyle, getting a piercing etc. I would encourage you to take a step closer to mirroring the beautiful soul you are inside… on the outside. Your body is the ultimate canvas for expressing yourself! What is your signature look? Does it represent your true self?

10 thoughts on “Five Points You Can Easily Remember & Implement About Self Love / Expression

  1. I’ve been down on myself over the last couple weeks and this positive motivation really helped, thank you 🙂

  2. Being comfortable and happy in our own skin is the most important thing. To be able to love ourselves entirely before someone else is able to love us too. It took me many years to become comfortable with the way I look and how I am after a lifetime of bullying but blogging helped! Nobody should ever feel they have to please everyone else.


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