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International Women’s Day – “We Are Proud To Be Women Because…”

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! (let’s be honest, everyday should be women’s day, we are goddesses).

Call me crazy, but being a woman hasn’t always been easy, and I sure as hell know I haven’t faced the end of my hardships, but womanhood is something to celebrate, to be proud of & a common denominator that should bring us together.

I grabbed some amazing thoughts from a few fellow bloggers to begin this beautiful day with a pep in your step and some positive thoughts to hold on to throughout the day…

“I am proud to be a woman because… I believe as women, we have so much to celebrate – our very essence is so dynamic and we all express ourselves so uniquely and beautifully to the world. Each and every single one of us has beauty + love at the core of who we are and it’s just exciting to be a woman with that kind of energy emanating wherever she goes.” – Stina @

“I am proud to be a woman because… I have the power to use my God-given nurturing instincts to raise up strong, socially empowered, empathetic children.” – Kelly @ oohbother

“I am proud to be a woman because… my potential is infinite. I’m a free & empowered soul; there’s no greater feeling than that.” – Diana @ mother.soul

“I am proud to be a woman because… I carried and birthed two amazing boys, and I nourished their bodies with my own. A woman’s body is incredible.” – Tami @

“I am proud to be a woman because… I can be anything I want on any given day, at anytime. I am a lover, a mother, a business owner, a designer, an activist, a fashion lover, a voter, a friend, an investor, a educator, a beauty expert, a scholar, a creative, an advocate, a producer, and so much more. I am proud of all the women who persisted before me to make these possibilities possible. We are so, so much stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. We still have a ways to go, but as long as we stay true to that strength my daughter will be more than I am. I refuse to let the world make me a liar when i tell my girl she can be anything she wants to be.” – Tiia @

“I am proud to be a woman because… There is something so resilient and captivating about the way women love and give. I am proud to give life, not just physically, but through every action I make and word I speak.” – Ali @ darlingforaweekend

“I am proud to be a woman because… we are beautiful, powerful & infinite. We know the softest of love but have fought the toughest of fights. Women have the ability not only to bring life into this world but to change the world. I am proud to be a woman, a mother of a daughter, wife, business owner, lover, creator, goddess & anything else I choose to add to the list at any given time. I am proud to look at my daughter & know how wonderful she is growing to become and I am proud to look at the generations of women she has to look up to and know that I came from them. Today & everyday I celebrate womanhood & all that it entails. Today & everyday I continue to fight, as generations before us have, for the most bright future for our children.” – Savanna @ Modern Wanderer

As we celebrate today, don’t forget to take a moment to remember the women who came before us of all shapes, sizes & color who have pushed us forward – the women we must thank for our rights & privileges today. Talk about these women, talk about feminism, talk about what you want the future to hold & fight for it. Open the discussion & remember that we must work towards equality not only for those who look like us but for EVERYONE.

What makes YOU proud to be a woman?


9 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – “We Are Proud To Be Women Because…”

  1. I absolutely love this post and all these answers. Women are so freaking badass and we should own that every day!

  2. Beautiful post! I am proud to be a woman because we can do things that men will never be able to do. Our bodies were designed to create life! And that comes with all sorts of hard things that we have to deal with but we are built strong and resilient to handle it!

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