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Daughters Rising – The Women Who Make It Run

About a month ago I introduced the first of many organizations I hope to spotlight on this little space of the internet – Daughter’s Rising.

In case you missed my first post, Daughter’s Rising was founded in 2011 by Alexa Bay after she met a girl being trafficked in Chiang Mai. That began the journey to her moving into rural Thailand and beginning Daughter’s Rising from the ground up. Daughter’s Rising not only works to help survivors of trafficking but they aim their focus on preventing trafficking all together.

Be sure to head to that first post to read more.

I am excited to be sharing a little “interview” today that I was able to snag from one of the founders of Daughter’s Rising, Alexa…

“Alexa, you’ve created quite a wonderful organization. Could you share with myself and my readers what sparked the idea for Daughter’s Rising and why you’re so passionate about this subject? / In a nutshell, explain what Daughter’s Rising is.

Daughters Rising is an organization that empowers women at risk of trafficking through education and job training to help and to trafficking in their communities.  the idea what sparked when we were collaborating on creating products made by women in Nepal to benefit at-risk children and orphans. The idea was to work with female artisans in these communities and then use the proceeds from their products to fund empowerment programs for their daughters.I’ve always been passionate about social justice and I’ve only become more so living for the last four years and a migrant and Refugee communities here in Thailand.
What were the beginnings of Daughter’s Rising like?
The beginning of daughters Rising was a lot like now. We still don’t have any funding, all work 2 jobs, depend on volunteers and run everything on Google for free. It’s hard to focus on accomplishments when it feels like there’s still so much to be done.

What are your hopes for the future of your organization?
Our hopes for the organization are there in the next year we will be able to apply for and win some grants. This year we are really focusing on leadership training for girls that have come up to the program who are now mentors they will be attending leadership conferences and honing their skills. We currently support 6 girls in their university studies and we have to increase that number to 10 next year. We are also adding dance therapy workshops to our program and I’m really excited about that.
What can others do to help support Daughter’s Rising and the women whose lives you touch?
People can help by understanding the issues that make these levels of discrimination and disenfranchisement possible that allowed people to be trafficked. To support our program in particular you can visit us and stay at the girl’s home stay the cls which is the first indigenous women’s tour company in Thailand.”

I know heading straight to Thailand isn’t an option for everyone (but y’all know I am heading here asap) but anyone is able to donate to the foundation or shop over at the Rise Shop where everything is eco friendly and/or created by artisan women. My gorgeous gold bracelet seen in the photos on this post comes straight from the shop & wearing it is a gorgeous reminder of my duty to do a little good for the world.

Although it feels small I was able to make a donation during this “campaign” that will provide “life saving self defense training” & “4 nutritious meals” and the month isn’t over yet! A little goes a long way for these gals, so if you’ve gained nothing else from this please remember that we can all do our part. Education, small donations, spreading the word, these are all things each and every one of us can do. We may be small but we are mighty, & I truly believe that we can live in a world free of trafficking if we all put in the work, big or small.

I’d like to start really planning out this year’s “campaigns” – if you know of an organization doing good in the world that more people ‘ought to know about, let me know!

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  1. Thanks for sharing more about this socially conscious company. Human trafficking is a huge problem, and I’m glad you shared ways we can help, and spread the word. Loved it!!

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