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Winter To Spring – 6 Looks Using 10 Pieces With PinkBlush

*Thank you to PinkBlush for providing pieces for this look book. All opinions remain my own.


I am lucky(?) enough to live somewhere where we experience all four seasons and we experience them hardcore. Utah likes to play with its residents, making you think it will be a wintery day in the morning and leaving you blazing hot by the afternoon. Every couple months for the last year I have been doing mini “closet purges” to help cut down my wardrobe not only for the sake of simplicity but to have a closet full of clothing I truly love & feel beautiful in. I’ve partnered with PinkBlush to give y’all some OOTD inspo when it comes to spring outfits and a (semi) capsule wardrobe with 6 completely different looks using 10 pieces that are great for the winter to spring transition. (Okay so with accessories it came to maybe 11 or 12 but I am only a semi capsule gal after all.)




Looks one and two focus on this bell sleeve top that I sized up with – doing so allows me to wear it alone as a dress as well as with its intended use and paired with black distressed jeans. Hats are great to tie an outfit together, I keep my accessories simple but make sure that they are pieces that truly give my outfit the “look” I am going for.

Where to find these looks –

Bell sleeve top from PinkBlush

Black satin hat at Icing

Brown booties thrifted (don’t underestimate the power of thrift shopping!)

Black jeans thrifted & DIY distressed

Brown hat at Target

Pieces with versatility (and often in a neutral color) is key for me when I am in the market for new clothing. In order to keep your closet simple, stay away from clothing that can only be worn specific ways, for specific looks, at limited events. 

Looks three and four focus on this shoulderless top that again, I sized up in to give it the ability to have two completely different looks. Worn as a dress this look is perfect for a date or girls night out.

Where to find these looks-

Grey shoulderless top at PinkBlush

Suede hat at H&M

Jeans thrifted and DIY distressed

Brown booties thrifted

Seude vest (one of my new favs) at PinkBlush

Brown Hat at Target

Heeled booties at ThredUp (follow this link to create your account & get $10 to shop for free)


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” I don’t like to go overboard with my looks or accessories. Daily life is crazy enough for me – controlling the simplicity of my outfits is a piece of minimalism I hold onto dearly. 



Looks five and six focus on this oversized lace top – it is so versatile, I have been able to put together countless outfits with it. This piece can stick with me all year, it goes great on its own, with jackets and I even thought about using it as a swimsuit cover!


Where to find these looks –

White lace top at PinkBlush

Jeans thrifted and DIY distressed

Black duster at Stormie Dreams

Heeled booties from ThredUp (there’s that freeeee money link again!)

Suede hat at H&M

Brown booties thrifted

Simplicity in your wardrobe is exactly what you want it to be. Seriously, all power to you if you follow a strict capsule wardrobe, I like to think I will be at that point one day. But if you are like me and crave simplicity but specific guidelines, number of pieces stress you out, that’s okay! Simplicity should de-stress your life, bring out joy. It doesn’t really matter how much you have left so long as you are shopping consciously and keep only the things that bring you joy. 

I failed to mention the chokers worn in nearly every look, I’m not the only one completely taking advantage of this trend right?! I’m not usually one to fall for the fast changing trends – I tend to stick with timeless pieces that will work forever, but accessories are my favorite way to indulge. I tend to put my outfits together as minimal as possible. I stay away from layering from the most part and keep the focus on one bold piece or let the entire look compliment itself equally. A simplified closet is about being innovative & creative, never restricted.

Which look was your fav?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes – LOVE ALL OF THE LOOKS – thanks for the outfit inspiration lady!. Keep up the hard work – I’m sharing that message to my fellow blog ladies today because I need the pep talk – so I’m giving it out too :).

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