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2017 Travel Forecast – Why I Prioritize Traveling

At some point last year I made a realization – my need for a constant change of surroundings & my pure love of experiencing new places is not a bad thing. I have a “free spirit” as my therapist says & with that I decided that 2017 would finally be the year I truly spent exploring. Marriage, motherhood, home ownership etc were all things I thought were holding me back but as I let go of that I realized that these things were only blessings trying to push me forward. Not only that, but we all have channels through which we experience maximum personal growth & self discovery – I have a few, but one of them is through travel. I know this is the case for many others as well. As we let go of the “guilt” whether it be finances, time away from family, anything, we allow ourselves to become better mothers, spouses, employees & friends.


Here is 2017’s “travel forecast” for some inspiration to get the gears turning in your head on where you might end up this year.

April – St. George, Utah & Houston, Texas.

May – Cancun, Mexico.

June – Yellowstone Bear World, Idaho.

July – Portland, Oregon.

August – Mexico City, Mexico and/or Denver, Colorado.

September – Los Angeles, California.

October – Armenia.

November – Phoenix, Arizona.

December – Some sort of cruise (what do y’all recommend?!).

Sounds exciting right?! When I’ve told family and friends I am usually given a shocked look of “How can you do that?!” & the fact of the matter is that I truly prioritize traveling. I am lucky to have a husband who excepts and does his best to encourage my wandering nature and who does his best to come along as he can or be 100% responsible for Tahlya when I go alone. I see this a form of essential self care for me whether I be traveling alone, with just my husband, just my daughter, any scenario truly.

This “forecast” is just that, a prediction. Some of this is set in stone, some of it is not. Those that are not set in stone could possibly be switched around or switched out for some place completely different. So, why would I share this? I believe strongly in putting your energy out into the universe, in a way I am manifesting these travels & I would suggest to anyone to do the same. Whether you wanted to travel the world this year, become a home owner, create a life, etc etc etc, share your plans. This is one of many ways to put that energy into the universe in hopes that it will come back ten-fold. Take this as your sign to finally get the ball rolling.

So, where are you headed this year? Anywhere I simply cannot miss?

Ps- today’s photos come from our honeymoon to Cancun nearly two years ago, where we are excited to return to again for our two year anniversary!


7 thoughts on “2017 Travel Forecast – Why I Prioritize Traveling

  1. Love that you have a goal list for travel each month – what an inspiring idea. I highly recommend San Miguel de Allende in Mexico if you haven’t been there, although Mexico City seems truly fantastic!!

  2. You truly are a breath of fresh air! I love your free spilt and your enthusiasm for living life. I also have some thoughts on traveling this year, although since I have the 3 babies, it’s a bit harder to accommodate everything, but I’m going to try my best because it has such a positive affect on my soul! I’m so excited for your travels and all the beautiful photos to come! Xo

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