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I Tried Acupuncture For The First Time & It Was NOT What I Expected

*This post is sponsored by Flow Acupuncture, I received a complimentary treatment as compensation.

Acupuncture always intrigued me a bit, but I never thought I would give it a shot. Needles scare me (says the girl with six tattoos) (also the girl who has passed out almost every time she’s had blood drawn) and I consider myself someone with a low pain tolerance so it just didn’t seem to be in my cards. I imagined it to be a painful experience, but never doubted its abilities to heal. I know the powers of natural medicine and had seen acupuncture help my great grandmother. When I got in touch with Melissa from Flow Acupuncture I figured it was about time to put my big girl panties on and just try it… at least once.

As Melissa and I emailed back and forth, deciding on what I wanted to focus my session on, I took a leap. For those of you who don’t know, I made the decision about a month back to fully immerse myself in my own healing. My personal growth was feeling stumped because I had failed to work through past trauma and instead shoved it under the rug. Of course, that only works for so long so I invested time, energy & money into a path to heal my wounds and gain control of my current emotional state.

The leap I just mentioned was asking Melissa if acupuncture can do anything for depression and anxiety. I could feel the excitement in her reply that YES it can & we both became very excited about doing our share of bringing this issue to light. Many of us suffer & most of us are unaware of the alternatives we can do to work on our emotional state before turning to chemicals (my game plan will be up on this space another day for those of you struggling and wondering what options you have).

When my appointment rolled around on April 1st I was excited and nervous, we started out with lots of questions, so Melissa could get an idea of where my depression and anxiety might be coming from energetically. Simply talking to her truly eased my worries 90% because I could easily see the mass of information she has stored in her mind, this gal knows her shit. She gave me a game plan of where the needles would be placed, I got comfortable on the table.. and she began!

I nearly held my breath when the first needle went in but Melissa reminded me to breath and I am pretty sure I laughed afterwards, I didn’t feel a thing! Biggest sigh of relief ever. After that the process went quickly, she placed around 20 needles throughout my body (lower legs & arms, stomach, chest, forehead).  Something special Melissa does is a sound treatment using the method “AcuTonics” to enhance the acupuncture treatment. From her own words,

“The vibration produced from each tone is unique to each tuning fork, and when I place them next to an acupuncture needle in the body you can actually see the needle shaking and vibrating at the same frequency of the fork. It is a way to gently direct your body’s attention to various points along acupuncture meridians while also giving your mind something to focus on and results in a meditative-like state”

And she’s not lying, I truly felt myself going into a meditative state and afterwards I was left alone for the needles and body to do their work. It was relaxing and I was unaware of the needles the entire time.

After the treatment Melissa took out the needles and gave me a few moments to come back to reality. I took what felt like forever to look all over my body to signs that the needles were ever there and couldn’t see any pricks! The needles are so thin a tube like case surrounds the needle and is pressed against your skin to help the needle go in.

I gathered my bearings and met her over in her office. She had printed off pages on the “deficiencies” we discussed prior to my session, as well as a “treatment” plan which made me so happy. Melissa has a holistic mindset so the plan did not include just acupuncture. Physical exercise as well as what foods to avoid etc etc were included and y’all.. I scheduled my next appointment! This experience went above and beyond what I expected and for those of you as scared as I was, I encourage you to give it a try. If you’re in Utah give Melissa a call (find her info on her site), her pricing is super affordable.

I had the chance to chat with Melissa in depth about what acupuncture really is and got some incredibly insightful advice for those who hope to become business owners. This interview will be sent Saturday morning (April 8) to my exclusive content members, do not miss out. Sign up below!

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Have you had acupuncture done before? What was your experience like?


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  1. OMG girl, I felt the same way for my first visit. Turns out Acupuncture is absolutely amazing and treats so many different things (pain free!) I got every few weeks to help with my Ulnar Nerve Entrapment in my right hand and it also helps with nausea 😉

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