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Where To Eat On Vacation No Matter Where You Travel To

I am going to let you in on my biggest secret. No matter where you are visiting or vacationing I can tell you where you need to go to eat. Exciting right?! Eating is the best part of everyday life and it gets even better when you’re in a brand new place.

It’s easy to hit up the chain restaurants or fast food joints when you’re somewhere new because it is familiar to you. But that is not fun or exciting, and it’s not a fun story to tell either. No matter where you are, eat local, visit the small family run joints. Look up the best places online or if you’re extra brave, just hit the streets and find something. It’s not always easy to find to find something local with chain restaurants all around however I promise you each city will have at least one.

Here are a couple tips to finding somewhere because it certainly can be a bit out of our comfort zone.

  • Your prime location to scout is going to be Main Street. I’ve noticed that every main street seems to be the spot where local restaurants find their home.
  • Don’t be afraid to peak inside before committing to each somewhere. I’ve stepped inside a new restaurant before and simply not liked the vibes, so we left. Seriously, don’t be afraid of that. You are allowed to eat where you feel comfortable.

  • Search them on social media. Sometimes I feel super brave and simply step inside and roll with the punches. Other times I try to find the place on social media or their website to get an idea of what it might be like.
  • Once you’ve decided on a place, ask them what is the most popular! To find somewhere new and simply order a cheeseburger and fries makes me laugh a little. Employees know what is popular, ask for a few options and try something new! I’ve never been disappointed.

(All photos were taken inside 25 Main who were kind enough to host me for brunch during my last trip to St. George. 100% recommend this place.)

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  1. Great tips, and I completely agree! We found the best place in Virginia Beach, just a block away from our hotel. It was this tiny, locally owned pub, and it turned out to be inexpensive, delicious and perfect for family dining! We ended up eating there 3 times in one week!

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