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My Minimalism Story – How Trauma Led Me To Choosing A Simplified Life

To say life is crazy would be an understatement. I know I am not the only one. We all say how crazy our lives are, listing off everything contributed to the crazy as if it were a competition. The fact of the matter is, we all deal with our fair share of crazy. Some days, it gets to be just about too much for me.

Take me back to a couple years ago & I felt like I was nearly suffocating. It was a silent suffering, although it may very well have been present in my attitude towards others. We all deal with stress differently & over the course of my short life I have come to the realization that uncertainty terrifies me to an unhealthy level. As I worked with a therapist & did an in depth intake we can to a conclusion. Any time trauma & uncertainty became “too much” for me, I needed to hold onto something I could control. This led me through years of unhealthy habits that I had “control” over.

I am older, growing & healing. But trauma never truly stops. Big or small, things happen that we have no control over all the time. However I would like to believe that I became stronger. After Tahlya was born and the new mom “fog” faded away I once again began to feel the uncertainty of everything around me & the anxiety crept back in. This was right around the time that “minimalism” began its spotlight. The idea intrigued me. I read all the minimalism blogs I could find, google searched the meaning, looked at & read anything I could learn more about this lifestyle. I made the decision that when we bought a house I would clean everything out & start fresh. Subconsciously I also made the decision that this would be the thing I could control instead of diving back into unhealthy habits.

Simplicity isn’t for everyone & I respect that 100% but it became a blessing for me. All things simple give me that feeling of excitement & accomplishment. To open the fridge & see organized fresh produce, to look in my closet and have it small & organized, to look at my schedule and not be incredibly busy but have just enough going on that I don’t feel lazy, to walk into my home & see everything in its place… there is no better feeling. Minimalism, simplicity, whatever you want to call it saved my heart & soul. Don’t be turned off by the word just because it became trendy for a while. Don’t say “it isn’t for me” because you love to have all the clothes because hey, maybe you like a slow weekend & simple decor in your home. Don’t fall into the mindset of “this could never be me” because you see that picture perfect minimalism account on Instagram & get discouraged; minimalism can be whatever you need it to be.

Have you become intrigued by the lifestyle as well? I love to hear from fellow “minimalists in pursuit”.

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